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  • Radiator hose Car Pipes / hoses cost

    Radiator hose

  • Turbocharger hose Car Pipes / hoses cost

    Turbocharger hose

  • Power steering pipe Car Pipes / hoses cost

    Power steering pipe

  • AC pipe Car Pipes / hoses cost

    AC pipe

  • Intake pipe, air filter Car Pipes / hoses cost

    Intake pipe, air filter

  • Turbo oil feed pipe Car Pipes / hoses cost

    Turbo oil feed pipe

  • Coolant flange Car Pipes / hoses cost

    Coolant flange

  • Fuel line Car Pipes / hoses cost

    Fuel line

  • Vacuum hose car price

    Vacuum hose

  • Hose, heat exchange heating car price

    Hose, heat exchange heating

  • Seal, turbo air hose car price

    Seal, turbo air hose

  • Hose, valve cover breather car price

    Hose, valve cover breather

  • Oil hose car price

    Oil hose

  • Connector, washer-fluid pipe car price

    Connector, washer-fluid pipe

  • Breather hose, fuel tank car price

    Breather hose, fuel tank

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Faults of hoses

  • cracks;
  • weakening of the yoke;
  • twisting hose;
  • offset of component;
  • damage to the pipe;
  • clogging of the hose;
  • breakage.

Symptoms of hoses faults

  • irregularities in air-conditioning/cooling/heating systems operation;
  • malfunction of the braking system;
  • occurrence of the liquid leak;
  • appearance of peculiar smell in the cabin.

Causes of hoses faults

  • wear of parts;
  • impact of moisture, chemically active substances and dirt on the part;
  • improper service of a vehicle unit;
  • unsuitable spare parts;
  • thermal impact;
  • violation of the vehicle operation rules.

Diagnosis of hoses

If you find one of the above conditions, we recommend first to run an inspection. Thus, cracks, streaks, component displacement suggest that you should immediately contact specialists for diagnosis using professional equipment. However, it is more reasonable to conduct systematic diagnosis, without waiting for the faults to appear. For example, inspection of the cooling system hoses is carried out every 30,000 kilometers and of brake hoses every 50 thousand kilometers.

Repair of hoses

In some cases, you can avoid the part replacement. Almost every service station can install a patch on the hose of any vehicle system. For this purpose, special adhesives are used. Also in case of the part clogging, service station specialists can be clean it. The weakening of the hose clamp or displacement are faults which are also easy to fix. However, there are cases when the optimal solution would be to replace the hose. Besides, this is a low cost item.

Replacement of hoses

Replacement of rubber hoses should be done every 125 thousand kilometers (regardless of their technical condition). To replace the hoses, you should:

  • drain the fluid flowing through the hose;
  • loosen the mounting;
  • lift the edge of the hose, making no sudden movements, so as not to damage the part;
  • if the hose is not possible to remove, cut it along the line of clamp prints;
  • remove the hose;
  • install a new part;
  • attach the clamp;
  • fill the system with fluid;
  • make sure there is no fluid leakage.