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The braking system of the vehicle consists of numerous components; one of them is the brake hose. It is important to mention that braking system hoses should always be in perfect condition. They connect the mobile part of the suspension with the fixed car body.

All brake system lines of the vehicle are made of metal tubes, but the car`s hubs move in relation to the car body, and brake hoses are used in these places in order to connect the two items. When the braking system is activated, for example, when you press the brake pedal, the pressure in the brake fluid tubes rises sometimes up to several tons. The brake hoses connect the brake system tubes with the brake mechanisms; this means that the pressure in the hoses exceeds several tons as well. In order to resist to the intense pressure, the brake hoses are reinforced with the most solid synthetic fibers. They keep the brake hose durable and flexible for a long time.

Brake hoses are covered with rubber coating, which protects them from moisture and dirt. Mechanical deterioration or time can damage the protective layer of the brake hose and dirt penetrates into the reinforced coating of the hose, and it begins to decay. Consequently, the tube loses its durability and cannot withstand the pressure created by the functioning brake system. When the brake hose collapses, troubles cannot be avoided.

In conclusion we know that the brake hoses should be inspected before every trip, especially long distance ones, and if this is not impossible, then ask the mechanic to inspect the vehicle at least every time you change the oil in order to detect malfunctions and avoid accidents. A perfect condition of brake hoses means, first of all, safety. Take care of this promptly and order the necessary products in our online store. We also offer spare parts like thermostat, devices for belt tensioning and central locking and others.

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