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Filament headlight bulbs: advantages, operation features

Filament headlight bulbs are designed for illuminating the road and its sides when visibility is poor, for example, at night time or in foggy weather. They are also used to make the vehicle more visible at day time.

Operating principle

A filament bulb consists of a glass bulb containing current leads connected with a filament. The latter is made as a coil produced of high-melting metals, most often tungsten. It is capable of emitting light when electrical current is passing through it. At the bottom of the bulb, there is a metal base used for fixing the bulb in a socket and for supplying power to the current leads.

Automotive lights are often fitted with dual-filament bulbs. Their design often has a special screen (reflector) which partially blocks the light beam of the less powerful filament.

Tips on how to choose, use and replace them

  • On average, the service life of the components lasts about 300-400 hours. The bulbs have usually to be replaced when they are burnout. As the light intensity of these parts might become lower with time, it is recommended to replace both of them at the same time.
  • When choosing these components, take into consideration the vehicle’s specifications. If you choose a non-compatible base, it will be impossible to install the bulb. And using bulbs with the wattage higher than that of the standard ones might lead to the headlight reflector melting and failure of the wiring.
  • When replacing the lighting elements, make sure that the terminals in their bases are serviceable, as well as the wiring. As an unreliable electrical connection often leads to bulbs burnout.

Malfunctions of filament headlight bulbs, their causes and symptoms

  • Tungsten filament burnout or breakage. As a result of natural ageing, the filament becomes thinner, which eventually leads to its complete destruction. Premature burnout can be caused by voltage changes in the electrical system. Also, breakage is often caused by intense shocks, for instance, in a collision. The symptom of filament breakage is the absence of light when you switch the lamps on. Apart from that, it is easy to notice the loss of its integrity during the examination of the item.
  • Turbidity. The fumes produced by a heated tungsten filament are deposited on the bulb shell and it becomes less transparent with time. As a result, the luminosity of the lights gets lower.
  • Lack of contact inside the bulb. This failure may be caused by unstable voltage in the circuit, mechanical damage. The possible signs are: flickering lamps, their occasional going off when driving on uneven road, dim light or its absence. is an ideal place for buying car parts

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