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Replace a Spare part Blower Control Unit (Actuator Air Conditioning) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Blower Control Unit (Actuator Air Conditioning)

Electronic control unit is a very “smart” modern detail. It was hard to imagine the existence of such element 50 years ago. Today it is quite difficult to imagine a car without it. This is a rather small element in comparison with other car parts of the vehicle. But it is one of the major electronic components of any vehicle, or as it is also called by car enthusiasts the "brain" of the entire engine management system. This definition of the control unit is not an accidental one. Control unit’s failure can cause many problems in addition to problems with engine. Thus, problems with the microprocessor can cause problems with other control elements and with the transmission in particular.

Any car owner who faced this problem knows that it is difficult immediately to determine the problem with a faulty electronic control unit. This happens because of the carelessness of the service centres workers or because the problem with this smart detail is masked by other problems. All this makes it impossible to determine if the control unit is the reason of failure. As a rule, the best decision to establish a 100% failure of the control unit is carefully to monitor the reaction of the electronic mechanism.

There are two common reasons of the control unit failure. The first is what often happens when a short circuit occurs – a reset because of the voltage. And the second reason is a mechanical defect because of a stroke or other damage, overheating, or corrosion - the so-called natural environment causes. In addition to the fact that the electronic control units are quite expensive, there is another problem to replace them. Very often service centres offer their customers renewed control units that can not guarantee a long service life of the parts.

In our Internet shop car owners of Nissan, Saab, Chrysler or others will find new control unit, starter, engine, wiper motor at reasonable price that will be quickly delivered.

Blower Control Unit (Actuator Air Conditioning) for CITROËN XSARA Break (N2), AUDI A3 (8L1),

Malfunctions of the control unit
  • micro cracks in the board;
  • physical damage to transistors, tracks;
  • factory immobilizer blockage;
  • failure of the peripheral elements;
  • failure of the output stage ignition control;
  • failure of the control channels.
Symptoms of the control unit failure
  • vibratory noise;
  • lack of contact with the injector control, power plugs, fuel pumps;
  • lack of idle air control valve management;
  • no signal of additional relays and units control;
  • incorrect reaction to the lambda control, the temperature sensor;
  • open throttle body injection nozzle.
Causes of the control unit faults
  • mechanical damage;
  • intervention in the vehicle electronics;
  • frequent voltage fluctuations;
  • incorrect installation of the block;
  • corrosion of the connecting elements;
  • severe overheating of the equipment;
  • fault of the injection or ignition output circuits;
  • dismantling the battery terminals with the engine running;
  • switching the starter with a disconnected power bus;
  • continuous vehicle exploitation on poor quality surface roads;
  • moisture getting on the modules.

To determine the control unit fault you must use a special diagnostic module, which is attached by a cable to the vehicle's diagnostic socket. The control unit transmits coded information about all faults through the module to a computer. A special program interprets the codes. At the time of diagnosis it is also necessary to use the equipment for measuring sensors and determination of signals. For this purpose oscilloscope and multimeter are used. Then you need to check the control unit for physical damage.

Repair and replacement of the control unit

The average service life of the vehicle control unit is 10 years. DIY repair is difficult. To replace the unit you need to disconnect the battery, then replace the old control unit, which is located under the seat or under the dashboard components. Having installed a new part, be careful when connecting the battery. Do not forget to reprogram and configure the unit using the car scanner.

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