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A gearbox is needed for changing engine torque, controlling speed and also for shifting to reverse gear. It is the link between the engine and drive wheels.

Gearbox components

Important parts of a mechanical system are:

  • crankcase
  • the input, the output, and the countershaft
  • differential
  • gears
  • synchronizers
  • the interlock mechanism (double-meshing prevention mechanism) and the shift detent mechanism

Automatic transmission gearbox operates due to:

  • torque converter
  • epicyclic gear train
  • brake band
  • front and rear friction clutches
  • control unit

5 tips on maintaining and replacing a gearbox

  1. The gearbox doesn’t have a defined service life, therefore, it only needs to be replaced when it stops working. The unit can be replaced partially or as an assembly. As is the case with most parts service life largely depends on driving behaviour.
  2. Replacing oil within the time limits specified in the vehicle technical documentation extends the service life of the gearbox.
  3. The oil should be selected in accordance with the system type and manufacturer’s instructions.
  4. Do not use a vehicle with automatic transmission for transporting trailers or towing another vehicle as this will wear the gearbox down.
  5. Most automatic transmissions were designed for normal use within a city and not racing. Aggressive acceleration reduces the service life of the gear box.

Common problems with gearboxes - causes and symptoms

  • Seals losing their elasticity. This can be a consequence of using low-quality oil. This problem leads to oil leakage, which can be noticed by stains under the vehicle.
  • Chips on gear teeth. This can be caused by aggressive acceleration in a heavy vehicle, incorrect gear shifting or the poor condition of other components. An indication of this issue is a noise when changing gears.
  • Damaged gears or interlock mechanism. This is most often caused by overheating, which can occur if a vehicle is driven at a full speed for a long time. A symptom of this issue is an unusual noise when changing speeds.

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