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wheel spacers for my car

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Replace a Spare part Wheel spacers – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Wheel spacers

Wheel spacers are used to adjust the wheel offset. This protects the suspension components from premature wear. In most cases, they are made from light alloys and have a small weight.

5 tips on how to use and replace them

  1. Replace the parts if any mechanical damage is discovered. The service life is not limited.
  2. Use wheel spacers to make up for too big offset in case wheels of a larger diameter were installed. Before you start, make sure this modification isn’t forbidden by the car manufacturer.
  3. Note that for the majority of race cars it is allowed to extend the offset by several centimetres. For street-legal vehicles, the difference between the original and modified values must not exceed a few millimetres.
  4. When mounting such car parts, replace the standard fasteners with longer ones. Install the parts observing the tightening torque recommended by the manufacturer.
  5. Don’t neglect to mount new parts instead of faulty ones. Otherwise, the wheel can detach while driving.

Malfunctions of wheel spacers, their causes and symptoms

  • Deformation. As a rule, this happens if the parts are made of a softer material than the fasteners. The defect manifests itself in vibrations transmitted to the steering wheel. Besides, deformation can be noticed when the unit is inspected.
  • Cracks. Sometimes, they result from using unsuitable fasteners or overtightening them. Small irregularities on the mounting seats also encourage cracking. The malfunction can be discovered on examination. - an ideal place to buy car parts

Become a customer of our online shop so that all the vehicle parts could function properly and maintenance was inexpensive. We always have reasonable prices, especially during promotions. Besides, we prove the quality of wheel spacers and other components you can buy from by warranty. If you need any assistance in selecting a car part, contact our customer support team: they’ll answer all your questions concerning the products online. Place your order today and enjoy budget-friendly shopping.

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