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Replace a Spare part Anti Roll Bar (Sway Bar) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Anti Roll Bar (Sway Bar)

Automatic voltage regulator is a device that automatically maintains constant voltage on electrical energy receiver inputs. Modern cars have electronic systems of the car- on-board computers and other electronic equipment. But these benefits of civilization and progress require a particularly careful treatment. They must be protected from surges, as well as pulse over surge, high-frequency interference and short circuits.

By the way, power surges can occur because of powerful current consumer devices: starter, xenon light igniters at the time of ignition, cooling fan, air conditioner, powerful sound system operation and other similar devices. What are the consequences if we leave technical equipment in the car without the necessary protection? I think many experienced at least the lesser evil – interferences. The worst evil are failed electric appliances.

Automatic voltage regulator serves to prevent similar troubles and to provide uninterruptible power supply of the equipment. It is very simple to protect your iron friend - just connect the stabilizer PVS 100 to the battery. Onboard network stabilizer-converter is also designed to protect the complex automotive electronics from sudden power surges. This is an inexpensive and reliable device that eliminates equipment failure because of surges.

Thus, it is very simple to protect your iron friend. It is enough to equip your vehicle with high quality and reliable voltage regulator. Where to buy it? Certainly, in our online store. Here you will find high-quality car parts, such as hub bearing, brake drum and wishbone.


Faults of stabiliser bar
  • wear of links;
  • wear of bushes;
  • deformation of the stabiliser central part fastening;
  • cracks on the part;
  • bending of the stabiliser bar;
  • deformation of the joints connecting the suspension and links;
  • links corrosion.
Symptoms of stabiliser failure
  • vehicle instability on the road (particularly during sharp cornering and braking);
  • knocking and the grating of the suspension;
  • body roll;
  • vehicle side pull.
Causes of stabiliser faults
  • sporty driving style;
  • poor quality of the road surface;
  • strikes or obstacle encounters;
  • mechanical damage;
  • ignoring operation terms, recommendations and requirements.

There are two methods of vehicle stabilisers diagnosis:

  • 1. Turn the steering wheel to the left or right to a stop, and then shake the stabiliser link. If you find even a small backlash, you need to replace it, as the gap increases by times during driving.
  • 2. Put the car on a service pit. Disconnect the stabiliser link (but do not remove completely) and begin to turn this element in different directions. If the link is easily rotated, then the item is worn. To test the second link start rocking the car upright. A worn link will make sounds.
Replacing stabiliser

The replacement of the stabiliser is simple enough to carry out. You will need:

  • remove the wheel, using a jack;
  • put a support under the wheel arm and slightly lower the car to reduce the load on the suspension;
  • unscrew the nuts of the stabiliser;
  • remove the stabiliser, requiring replacement, and install a new one;
  • tighten the nuts;
  • do the actions above in reverse order.

Anti Roll Bar (Sway Bar) replacement - instructions, descriptions and repair

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