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Replace a Spare part Steering Knuckle (Stub Axle) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Steering Knuckle (Stub Axle)

Stub axle is one of the most complex and essential parts of the front suspension of any car that serves as the basis for the hub, on which the wheel is mounted. Stub axle is considered to be an important component, which are connected with one or two points to other parts through a ball joint. When driving, knuckles suffer a heavy dynamic load. Due to this car part driver can turn the wheels.

It is possible through the use of knuckle swivel with the control arm. At the bottom steering knuckle is connected to the wishbone and at the top - to the strut (in this case, the clamping connection is used). It is the stub axle where such details as the wheel hub and brake calliper are located. Stub axles are made of steel. Stub axles’ work pieces are made on automated lines. Because of the design features of axles, the distinctive requirement for edge cutting machining is providing an accurate angle of the axis of the tail directly to the axis of pin holes.

Unfortunately, regardless of the make of car, sooner or later, stub axles wear out. The wear can be quite rapid. The loads that these components are constantly experiencing are very high. Once every car owner will face the need to replace the stub axle and other suspension parts, such as stabilizers, springs or wheel hub. If it happens, use our online store. Today it is the most convenient way to buy auto parts. We guarantee our customers the highest quality parts, short delivery times and the best prices from car parts makers.

Steering Knuckle (Stub Axle) for FIAT PUNTO (188), PEUGEOT 206 Hatchback (2A/C), NISSAN PRIMERA Hatchback (P11)

Faults of steering knuckle
  • defects of bushes in the knuckle;
  • destruction of the spindle threaded portion;
  • wear of the ball joint and the spacer;
  • free play in the front suspension;
  • deformation of the knuckle;
  • wear of mounting holes;
  • corrosion, cracks and scratches on a working surface.
Symptoms of steering knuckle faults
  • increased vibration of the car while driving;
  • knocks in the suspension;
  • reduced steering response;
  • strange sounds during braking or maneuvering;
  • increased backlash of the front wheels.
Causes of knuckle faults
  • installing low quality parts;
  • sporty driving style;
  • systematic driving on poor quality roads;
  • ingress of moisture and dirt on the part surface.
Repair and replacement of the knuckle

Repairs of this part and its components is recommended to carry out in a specialized service. Violation of the spindle threaded portion must be eliminated by specialists. The spindle is made of high-alloy steel, so incompetent action may violate crystal lattice of special top layer that quickly leads to spindle surface wear.

Wear of outer bearing seat is popular enough trouble that can be eliminated by replacing the spindle. To ensure proper installation of the front wheel bearings, inspect backlash of the knuckle spindle. The rate of play is 0,02-0,025 mm. Replacing the knuckle assembly will take less than an hour, but if you also need to replace the bushes, duration of the procedure is increased to three hours. Knuckle replacement procedure:

  • lift the car, do not forget to set jack stands;
  • remove the wheel nuts and the wheel;
  • remove the brake hose mounting bolts, and then the caliper mounting bolts;
  • remove the caliper and the wheel speed sensor;
  • lift the locking pin and remove the hub nut;
  • unscrew the bolts of the brake disc, and then remove the disc itself;
  • remove the cotter pin, the nut from the ball joint and remove the joint from the knuckle;
  • unscrew shock absorber bolts and self-retaining nuts;
  • remove the outer joint of the drive shaft, and then the knuckle;
  • install a new item and repeat the steps in reverse order.
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