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Replace a Spare part Differential – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Differential

Malfunctions of differential

  • mechanical damage of differential case
  • gears are broken or worn
  • bearings became unserviceable
  • gaskets have failed
  • differential is completely destroyed
  • wrong distribution of torque between drive wheels

Signs of differential malfunctions

  • increased noise level in the axle or transmission when cornering
  • differential surface is excessively heating
  • transmission box is working incorrectly
  • traces of oil leaks are visible on the gaskets
  • a car is skidding when cornering

Causes of differential malfunctions

  • extreme driving style
  • oil starvation of pinions
  • usage of the component in high humidity
  • dirt and small foreign objects get into the part
  • wrong mounting of the component
  • usage of low-quality lubricant

Diagnostics of differential

Differential location depends on the wheel drive. In all front drive vehicles the part is situated in the gear box, and in rear drive vehicles it is in the rear-axle casing. As a part of the diagnostic the unit must be dismantled and its components inspected. Gears, pinions and their axle should not be damaged. You should pay extra attention to the ring gear in the transmission box. Malfunctions of this very element often disturb the differential operation. It is necessary to check the condition of bearings in the course of diagnosis. Sufficient amount of lubricant on the pinions is the part’s long-term usage guarantee.

Repair and replacement of differential

Casing faults can be removed with the help of fine sandpaper. The ring gear should be replaced if there is significant wear of the teeth as well as fractures. At this point you should also place a new pinion gear. In case of other components wear you will have to replace them as well. Lubricate pinions when oil dries out there. The differential casing should be replaced if bearing seats are worn out to a large extent. Differential replacement requires special equipment, so it is better to rely on experts.

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