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VDO is a German trademark, under which the Continental Automotive GmbH company produces a wide range of auto components. Continental Automotive GmbH is a subsidiary of the German Continental AG group. The annual turnover of Continental Automotive GmbH in 2015 counted for € 39.2bn. The company owns several famous brands such as Continental, ATE, Galfer and Barum. However, most of car components made by the company are known under the brand name VDO.

VDO Background

The company VDO was founded in 1929 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Its founder is considered to be Adolf Schindling who started producing rev counters and various instruments. The company succeeded and became one of the largest suppliers of automotive electrical equipment in the world. In 1966, it entered North American market and in 1977 it opened its own plant in Winchester, the USA. At the beginning of 1990s, the company was acquired by Mannesmann AG group. Incorporated with it, in 2000 the VDO company became a part of the Vodafone Group and then was sold to the Siemens group. Since 2007 the VDO trademark has belonged to Continental Automotive GmbH.

The company is one of the top ten largest automotive parts suppliers in the whole world; it has representatives in 34 countries and consists of more than 140 subdivisions. The company’s headquarters are located in Germany, although the company is registered in the USA.

At present, VDO supplies its components for the production lines of the largest car-makers, among which are Daimler AG, BMW, Volkswagen Group, Ford and General Motors. This brand also makes original equipment for Peugeot, Citroёn, Honda and Fiat vehicles.

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VDO Car parts

Under the brand VDO, the following car components are produced:

  1. Fuel system components for petrol and diesel engines:
    • electric fuel pumps;
    • fuel level sensor;
    • fuel booster pump;
    • fuel supply units and other components.
  2. Steering and control system components:
    • fuel level sensors;
    • coolant temperature sensors;
    • control units;
    • information equipment of dashboards;
    • distance control and cruise control systems components;
    • security, navigation and signalling system components.
  3. Screen washer system components.
  4. Batteries.

One of the recent developments of the company is AGM and EFB batteries. They withstand extreme temperatures well, have a long life-cycle (the manufacturer gives a two year guaranty on these batteries) and do not require any maintenance. Due to a special absorbing layer made of fiberglass, AGM batteries provide a cycle stability up to three times that of conventional batteries, therefore they are suitable for vehicles equipped with START-STOP systems.

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