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Replace a Spare part Accelerator pedal – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Accelerator pedal

An accelerator pedal controls the air-fuel mixture by adjusting the position of the throttle valve. The more force a driver applies to the pedal the wider the throttle opens.

5 tips on maintaining and replacing an accelerator pedal

  1. The accelerator pedal doesn’t have a defined service life, therefore, it only needs to be replaced when it is broken.
  2. Avoid accelerating too quickly. Aggressive driving negatively affects the service life of most parts, including the accelerator pedal.
  3. We advise that you ask specialists from a repair shop to install a replacement accelerator pedal as the process requires professional equipment and is very challenging. One reason for this is that fixing an electronic part requires a thorough examination of the sensors and control unit.
  4. The cause of accelerator pedal failure can be dirt on contact paths. This can only be diagnosed and fixed after the unit has been disassembled.
  5. It should be remembered that an electronic device, unlike a mechanical one, is characterised by a little delay before the engine responds to the application.

Common problems with accelerator pedals - causes and symptoms

  • Wires ripped or burnt out through electronic malfunction. This is normally the result of the onboard network short circuiting. If this is the case the corresponding sign on the dashboard should light up. This malfunction can result in the engine responding very slowly to the position of the pedal being changed or the car lurching unpredictably.
  • Torn throttle cable and other damage to the mechanical part. A torn cable is generally caused by incorrect installation. If this is the case the pedal will not work. A torn cable can also get stuck as a result of water or dirt contamination. If this has happened, significant force needs to be applied when pressing the pedal.
  • Worn-out plastic bushings or deformed recoil springs. Both of these malfunctions occur due to natural wear caused by constant friction. These defects are usually accompanied by squealing sounds or the pedal jamming.

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