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Replace a Spare part Parking Sensors (Reversing Sensors) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Parking Sensors (Reversing Sensors)

Automatic parking system is one of the types of the active parking systems. It serves to park vehicle in an automatic or automated mode. Such systems help with parallel parking, which is the most common for today or perpendicular parking. Due to the concordance of the steering wheel angle and speed of movement the automatic parking occurs.

As a rule, the automatic parking system consists of ultrasonic sensors, switch, electronic module and optical display. The system is activated by a switch on the dashboard if necessary when you need to park. After that the electronic module receives signals from the ultrasonic sensors and converts them into control actions on devices of other automotive systems. In the process of parking all necessary information is displayed on the data display.

Automatic parking system operation is carried out in two stages. Ultrasonic sensors help to find a suitable place for your car on the parking lot. While the car is moving at a certain speed of parking, the sensors record the distance between the cars. When according to the system data the distance is suitable for car parking this information is displayed. After that, the driver must choose - whether to park by himself or to let the car to do it automatically. In addition to this information, the driver can see visual and test instructions on turning the steering wheel at a certain angle and direction of movement.

In order to secure the parking process in the system there is provided switching to manual mode at any time. It is worth noting that most new automated systems can be controlled with the key, while the driver can get out of the car. If you need Park Distance Control, control unit or fuel filter, it is better to purchase them online. Neither specialty storages, nor service centres can guarantee you such low prices and fast delivery as we give.

Parking Sensors (Reversing Sensors) for MERCEDES-BENZ E-CLASS T-Model (S211), PEUGEOT 407 SW (6E_), AUDI A6 (4F2, C6)

Parktronic faults
  • incorrect sensor operation;
  • failure of the control unit;
  • short circuit;
  • membrane failure;
  • breakage, melting of wires.
Symptoms of Parktronic failure
  • no alarms;
  • signalactivation of internal malfunction tracking system;
  • triggering alarm without obstructions;
  • incorrect figures of the distance to an obstacle;
  • activation of the rear parking sensors when moving forward.
Causes of Parktronic failure
  • manufacturing defects;
  • malfunction in the control unit;
  • moisture and dirt hit the tape;
  • moisture on the printed circuit board;
  • mechanical damage;
  • incorrect installation of the part;
  • clogging of ultrasonic elements.

Diagnosis of the electronic control unit should be carried out once a year. Activate the parking sensors when the ignition is on, put your finger against the membrane, if the sensor is working properly, you will feel mild vibrations and crackling. Next, make a visual inspection of the sensor for dirt and moisture contamination, if it’s clear, then you must diagnose the control unit and test the wiring using a multimeter. To test the circuit, remove the control box cover, use an ohmmeter. Zero returns would indicate the damage. You can identify the problem, alternately closing sensors,a faulty sensor indicator will not operate. Check how correctly the Parktronic sensitivity is adjusted.

Parktronic repair

You can repair the parking sensors on your own, if you properly diagnose the problem. For repair you need:

  • 1. Clean the tape and sensors from dirt and moisture;
  • 2. Clean up the site of sensors and sockets attachment;
  • 3. Restore the integrity of the wiring if there are violations;
  • 4. Adjust the sensitivity by adjusting the trimmer.

In case of a mechanical damage to the parking mirror, replace it, it is recommended to refer to a service shop. The electronic control unit in case of a mechanical damage cannot be repaired, it should be replaced. If the unit gets wet, you can make repairs, picking up the respective chips. For repair, disconnect the unit from the power supply, dry it. Using a tester, you need to determine the elements operability, and then replace the old chips with new ones.

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