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Replace a Spare part Steering Column Switch – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Steering Column Switch

Faults of the steering column switches

  • bad connection in the terminals;
  • jamming of a switch;
  • mechanical damage;
  • breakage or short circuit in the wiring.

Symptoms of the steering column switches failure

  • flickering full or traffic beam;
  • crunch when switching modes;
  • unstable operation of the direction indicators;
  • disruption of wipers;
  • unreliable fixation of the switch;
  • frequently blown fuse.

Causes of the faulty switch on the steering column

  • error during installation;
  • contact oxidation;
  • careless operation;
  • pollution of the mechanism;
  • switch wear;
  • low quality component;
  • blown fuse.

Diagnosis of switches on the steering column

The first step is to check in what specific positions of the switch malfunctions occur. To do this, you need to switch on all the possible modes of the part in turns and track the reaction of the corresponding systems.

You also need to inspect the component for damage and check the smoothness of switching modes. You should also find out whether the direction indicator turns back to the neutral position automatically.

Next you need to check the wiring using light bulbs of 12 V. For this it's closed on each position of the switch contacts. When the appropriate mode  is switched, the lamp should light up. In addition to the circuits you also need to check the fuses.

Repair of switches on the steering column

First you need to clean the contacts of the oxides and dirt. Also, sometimes you need to solder conductor planes. Before the part assembly, lubricate its components. Significant mechanical damage is a reason for the part replacement.

Replacement of switches on the steering column

For replacement remove the terminals from the battery and remove the steering column shroud. In some cases you need to remove the steering wheel. Normally, the item is fixed by several screws to be unscrewed. Then you need to loosen the fasteners and disconnect the wiring. Install a new switch in reverse order. Performing replacement is recommended at a service station.

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