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Replace a Spare part Aerial (Antenna) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Aerial (Antenna)

Malfunctions of antenna

  • loss of functionality (does not receive a signal)
  • mechanical damage
  • part corrosion
  • breakage of automatic regulation drive gear

Signs of antenna malfunctions

  • radio does not work
  • navigation system does not work
  • interference while turning electronic devices on

Reasons for antenna malfunctions

  • incorrect antenna installation
  • damage of part protection cover
  • circuiting of electrical contact
  • looseness of element fasteners
  • usage of incorrect antenna type
  • usage of a part with unsuitable range of performance
  • signal receiving program failure of navigation device or radio set
  • almanac and system program customization malfunctions


It is quite difficult to determine antenna or radio installation correctness inside city limitations. Signals are so strong, that can be received without an amplifier. If signal gets weak or disappears when leaving the city, than you should check antenna installation correctness.

Necessarily check if antenna’s position is correct depending on its work specifics. For instance, it is necessary to place straightsending antennas only vertically. Read antenna instructions and use installation suggestions. Software failures can be fixed with the help of special equipment at service stations.

Antenna does not require periodical diagnostics. Nevertheless, you should do visual analysis of connection every several months. If there is rust it is needed to apply special anti-corrosion substance to the surface.

Navigator can update information up to 20 minutes when at a start. It is so due to getting a new almanac. Antenna malfunctions have nothing to do with it.

Repair and replacement of antenna

If you have noticed, that the antenna is fixed incorrectly, it is possible to change its location. But the more functions antenna has, the more important is the correctness of its installation. If you tend to use not only radio and navigator but also a radio set, than it is better to rely on experts for antenna installation. Output signals have more strict requirements for antenna. If it is fixed in a wrong way, than the transmitter can quickly fall into disrepair.

Try to clean up electric wires and terminals if they are oxidized. If it does not help, completely replace the wiring. Replacement of antenna is required only in cases of receiving mechanism or fasteners mechanical damages.

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