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Reviews of DENSO Diesel glow plugs
DENSO: Brand's rating


7.62 /10

Reviews - 213

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Packaging quality +78 2-
Manufacturer +101 5-
Warranty +125 3-
Customer reviews
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  • Exhaust gas temperature sensor Exhaust gas temperature sensor
  • High pressure fuel pump High pressure fuel pump
  • Fuel pressure regulator Fuel pressure regulator

Learn more about Denso glow plugs

Denso glow plugs are produced by the same-name Japanese company, which is one of the five largest automotive components suppliers in the world. It was established in 1949, and nowadays owns 189 subsidiary enterprises. The company always surprise with its revolutionary developments. In 1991 it presented the world’s first ceramic glow plugs, and in 2002 – the common rail system with injection pressure more than 1800 bar. The manufacturer’s products belong to the premium segment and are notable for excellent quality.


  • Single-coil. They are notable for construction simplicity and modest price. They are mostly used in engines with indirect injection. They heat to the working temperature in 20 seconds.
  • Double-coil. Two coils are included in their construction: heating and regulating. They heat up to 800 °C in 7.5 seconds; to 1000 °C – in about 17.5 seconds. They provide after-start heating for one minute. They improve engine operation, promote noise and vibration reducing.
  • With extended post-heating. Resistance of their regulating coil is increased several times in comparison with the standard ones. They reach 800 °C temperature, sufficient for diesel engine start, in less than 5 seconds. They promote fuel economy and reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere due to 3 minutes after-start heating.
  • Ceramic. They are resistant to thermal influence, corrosion and erosion. They are designed for operation at the temperature above 1200 °C. They reach the working temperature in 3-5 seconds. They warm up the combustion chambers for 6 minutes after start.
  • Denso instant heating glow plugs. They reach working temperatures in 1.5-2.5 seconds. They are the most fast acting.

6 facts about Denso glow plugs

  1. Denso glow plugs assortment includes more than 130 models.
  2. The components provide faultless engine start even at severe cold due to high speed of warming up.
  3. Due to excessive heating temperature, they promote lowering of harmful emissions.
  4. Casings and contact rods of the parts are zinc-coated, which helps to achieve maximum resistance to corrosion.
  5. The high-duty insulator prevents the possibility of short circuit.
  6. Laser welding is used for coils attaching, which promotes stability of their position and provides steady resistance characteristics.

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