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Reviews of BERU Diesel glow plugs
BERU: Brand's rating


7.95 /10

Reviews - 314

10 (95)
9 (112)
8 (81)
7 (12)
6 (7)
5 (2)
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Parameters rating +1053 Advantages Disadvantages 72-
Product cost +291 11-
Product quality +261 17-
Packaging quality +131 11-
Manufacturer +157 18-
Warranty +213 15-
Customer reviews
BERU Heater plugs GN059 Review

BERU Glow plugs GN059

I chose these glow plugs because they are a really good make and worth the money you cant find them much but on this site you can,, thanks.
BERU Heater plugs PSG006 Review

BERU Glow plugs PSG006

Service light came on Insignia elite... glow plug and sensor! Best price around for a decent branded plug!
BERU Heater plugs GN056 Review

BERU Glow plugs GN056

I was advised by the French Car Forum that BERU is the best plug for this engine type.
BERU Heater plugs GE105 Review

BERU Glow plugs GE105

It's what I needed for a 2007 Mercedes E320CDi
BERU Heater plugs PSG004 Review

BERU Glow plugs PSG004

seems to be reasonable, competitive price.
BERU Heater plugs GN069 Review

BERU Glow plugs GN069

Hard to get hold of
BERU Heater plugs GV004 Review

BERU Glow plugs GV004

they fit engine
BERU Heater plugs GD382 Review

BERU Glow plugs GD382

i know it fits
BERU Glow plugs brand line

Learn more about Beru glow plugs

The first Beru glow plugs were produced by the German company Federal-Mogul in 1929. Nowadays, their world market share reaches 40%. During the whole time of their existence, starting from 1912, the corporation presented many innovations to the world. In 1975 it manufactured the first glow plug with fast heating – up to 20 seconds. In 1978 the company filed an application for the patent for two-coil components with self-regulating function; its warming up time was shortened to 5-7 seconds. Many car manufacturers are using the firm’s spare parts as original. In addition, its products belong to the premium-price segment.


Each of Beru glow plugs is marked in a corresponding way:

  • GE, GN. These are components equipped with 3-phase glow system and having two coils. They are heated to the needed temperature in two seconds. The plugs provide after-start heating for 3 minutes. They ensure engine start even at −30 °C. The components allow to reduce amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere by 40%. Their maximum temperature reaches 1,050 °C.
  • CGP. They heat up instantly to 1,300 °C. They are designed for operation under severe loads. The glow plugs have a long working lifetime.
  • GV. They have two coils. The plugs heat up to the working temperature in 5-7 seconds. They are turned off after engine start.
  • GD. They are designed for the cars of earlier generations, as well as for special vehicles. They are notable for high durability and resistance to vibrations.
  • GF. These are components for flame start systems in cargo vehicles. They provide reliable engine start even in conditions of extremely low temperature. Their heating time is 15-20 seconds. They continue to work for 6 minutes after start of the power unit.
  • PSG. They are equipped with the sensor for precise control of the pressure in the combustion chambers. They promote optimal combustion of the fuel-and-air mixture and lowering of amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. The built-in sensor is designed for the pressure of up to 200 bar and temperature in −40–140 °C range.

4 facts about Beru glow plugs

  1. Innovative solutions and production technologies ensure high efficiency and reliability of the parts in any conditions. The brand’s components are the best for both old and latest generations of cars.
  2. Due to instant heating up, they provide easy start of the diesel engine regardless to the weather, also reducing wear-out of its components in conditions of cold start.
  3. Thanks to using heat-resistant materials they have longer lifespan: the manufacturer recommends to inspect them after 75,000 - 100,000 kilometers of mileage, but they can serve even longer.
  4. Due to a long-time post-heating, the components ensure smooth engine operation and contribute to reducing the fuel consumption.

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