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Beru car parts are known for being of a very good quality and low price. The company is one of the leading suppliers of glow plugs in the market. Its world market share is around 40 percent for glow plugs for diesel engines. Manufacturer of ignition technology for gasoline engines is one of the BorgWarner BERU Systems GmbH, a leading supplier in Europe. It was difficult to reach this status, but today the company is cooperating with the world's largest carmakers. The company pays a great attention to improving of electronic systems.

Car parts for cars and motorcycles

Beru car parts are not just for cars but also for motorcycles and other motor vehicles. The product development is on electronic applications to sensor technology and different ignition systems for the oil and gas distillery industry. BERU Systems supplies worldwide, almost for all car and motor makers. Typical products of the company are spark plugs, controllers, glow plugs and ignition lead sets. However, there are far more diverse products that complete the range. Tire pressure monitoring systems or wheel sensors are just a small part of the assortment.

100 years of experience shape the corporate image

With more than 100 years of experience, the company knows what is original brand products and original quality. Beru car parts benefit from modern software engineering techniques and continuous improvement. For carmakers such values are extremely important, because the durability of each component should be guaranteed for many years. Beru's products are not only reliable and economical, but environmentally friendly. Such issues are increasingly important in the automotive industry, just because the environment will benefit from new technologies. A high level of customer satisfaction and company experience are always a new motivation to continue production of the brand auto parts.

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