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The branded products are designed and constructed by Beru

Beru car parts are known for being of a very good quality and low price. The company is one of the leading suppliers of glow plugs in the market. Its world market share is around 40 percent for glow plugs for diesel engines. Manufacturer of ignition technology for gasoline engines is one of the BorgWarner BERU Systems GmbH, a leading supplier in Europe. It was difficult to reach this status, but today the company is cooperating with the world's largest carmakers. The company pays a great attention to improving of electronic systems.

Car parts for cars and motorcycles

Beru car parts are not just for cars but also for motorcycles and other motor vehicles. The product development is on electronic applications to sensor technology and different ignition systems for the oil and gas distillery industry. BERU Systems supplies worldwide, almost for all car and motor makers. Typical products of the company are spark plugs, controllers, glow plugs and ignition lead sets. However, there are far more diverse products that complete the range. Tire pressure monitoring systems or wheel sensors are just a small part of the assortment.

100 years of experience shape the corporate image

With more than 100 years of experience, the company knows what is original brand products and original quality. Beru car parts benefit from modern software engineering techniques and continuous improvement. For carmakers such values are extremely important, because the durability of each component should be guaranteed for many years. Beru's products are not only reliable and economical, but environmentally friendly. Such issues are increasingly important in the automotive industry, just because the environment will benefit from new technologies. A high level of customer satisfaction and company experience are always a new motivation to continue production of the brand auto parts.

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Comfort / interior
  • Aerial
Electric system
  • Alternator regulator
Engine cooling system
  • Coolant sensor
  • Radiator fan switch
  • Fan clutch
  • Radiator fan
Exhaust system
Gaskets / sealing rings
Heating / ventilation
  • Blower motor resistor
Ignition / preheating
  • Spark plug
  • Glow plugs
  • Ignition coil
  • Ignition leads
  • Glow plug relay
  • Distributor cap
  • Distributor rotor
  • Ignition distributor
  • Ignition module
Windscreen cleaning system
Reviews of BERU
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Customer reviews
Glow Plug GN059 Review

Glow Plug GN059

I chose these glow plugs because they are a really good make and worth the money you cant find them much but on this site you can,, thanks.
Glow Plug PSG006 Review

Glow Plug PSG006

Service light came on Insignia elite... glow plug and sensor! Best price around for a decent branded plug!
Control Unit, glow plug system GSE118 Review

Control Unit, glow plug system GSE118

My diagnostics stated there was a communication fault with the glow plug controller on a 2006 GL420 CDI.
Control Unit, glow plug system GSE114 Review

Control Unit, glow plug system GSE114

I like BERU and on looking up the part number it seesm suitable for this customers ML320 4 Matic 2006
Glow Plug GN056 Review

Glow Plug GN056

I was advised by the French Car Forum that BERU is the best plug for this engine type.
Ignition Cable Kit ZE757 Review

Ignition Cable Kit ZE757

Similar quality to BMW original equipment & less expensive.
Ignition Coil ZS384 Review

Ignition Coil ZS384

It is a lot cheaper than the OEM BMW part, by a long way!
Glow Plug GE105 Review

Glow Plug GE105

It's what I needed for a 2007 Mercedes E320CDi
Control Unit, glow plug system GSE105 Review

Control Unit, glow plug system GSE105

It was the correct part for my bmw 320d e92.
Glow Plug PSG004 Review

Glow Plug PSG004

seems to be reasonable, competitive price.
Ignition Coil ZSE042 Review

Ignition Coil ZSE042

Well known manufacture and excellent price
Spark Plug Z30 Review

Spark Plug Z30

again the cheapest I could find that fit
Ignition Cable Kit ZEF1627 Review

Ignition Cable Kit ZEF1627

Seemed to be identical to original unit
Control Unit, glow plug system GSE102 Review

Control Unit, glow plug system GSE102

They give you the exact parts you need
Ignition Coil ZSE012 Review

Ignition Coil ZSE012

it is an OEM manufacturer for Porsche
Control Unit, glow plug system GSE101 Review

Control Unit, glow plug system GSE101

Quality supplier and quality product
Control Unit, glow plug system GSE140 Review

Control Unit, glow plug system GSE140

It fits my van,good brand and price
Spark Plug UPT18P Review

Spark Plug UPT18P

in hope they should fit my car
Spark Plug Z376 Review

Spark Plug Z376

it's the cheapest spark plug
Control Unit, glow plug system GSE149 Review

Control Unit, glow plug system GSE149

it was a good price thanks
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