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Car parts catalogue PIAGGIO: parts and accessories

Piaggio car parts catalogue online

Car parts for PIAGGIO

  • Brakes parts PIAGGIOBrakes
  • Ignition and preheating parts PIAGGIOIgnition and preheating
  • Electrics parts PIAGGIOElectrics
  • Engine parts PIAGGIOEngine
  • Filters parts PIAGGIOFilters
  • Exhaust parts PIAGGIOExhaust
  • Clutch parts PIAGGIOClutch
  • Belt / chain drive parts PIAGGIOBelt / chain drive
  • Suspension parts PIAGGIOSuspension
  • Engine cooling system parts PIAGGIOEngine cooling system
  • Heating and ventilation parts PIAGGIOHeating and ventilation
  • Body parts PIAGGIOBody
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  • Clutch kit

    Clutch kit

  • Exhaust silencer

    Exhaust silencer

  • Starter motor

    Starter motor

  • Alternator


  • Timing belt kit

    Timing belt kit

  • Battery


  • Drum brake

    Drum brake

  • Water pump

    Water pump

  • Cylinder head gasket

    Cylinder head gasket

  • Oil filter

    Oil filter

  • Shock absorber

    Shock absorber

  • Brake pads

    Brake pads

  • Air filter

    Air filter

  • Brake shoes

    Brake shoes

  • Brake discs

    Brake discs

  • Control arm

    Control arm

  • Ignition coil

    Ignition coil

  • Spark plugs

    Spark plugs

  • Turbo


  • Wheel cylinder

    Wheel cylinder

  • Radiator


  • Fuel filter

    Fuel filter

  • Head gasket kit

    Head gasket kit

  • Wiper blades

    Wiper blades

  • Wing mirror

    Wing mirror

  • Engine thermostat

    Engine thermostat

  • Wheel bearing

    Wheel bearing

  • Wheel hub

    Wheel hub

  • Timing belt and water pump

    Timing belt and water pump

  • Glow plugs

    Glow plugs

  • Brake master cylinder

    Brake master cylinder

  • Window regulator

    Window regulator

  • Cam belt

    Cam belt

  • Cylinder head bolts

    Cylinder head bolts

  • Propshaft


  • Handbrake


  • Handbrake cable

    Handbrake cable

  • Lambda sensor

    Lambda sensor

  • Rear lights

    Rear lights

  • Headlights


  • Engine Oil

    Engine Oil

Parts and accessories Piaggio

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Information about PIAGGIO
  • Headquarters: Italy
  • Founded: 1884
  • First car produced in: 1945
  • First car name: Vespa
  • Model with the most versions: PORTER Platform/Chassis
  • Most frequently installed engine: 1.3 Petrol
  • Production locations in: Italy
Our catalogue offers car parts for
  • Models: 4
  • Versions: 17
  • From production year: 1971
Engine types
  • Petrol: 38
  • Petrol/Petroleum Gas (LPG): 14
  • Petrol/Natural Gas (CNG): 7
  • Electric: 12
  • Mixture: 5
  • Diesel: 32
  • LPG: 12
  • CNG: 12
  • Petrol/Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG): 2
  • Petrol/Compressed Natural Gas (CNG): 1
Tyres Engine oil
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PIAGGIO Car parts

Car parts for PIAGGIO

Piaggio is an Italian trademark under which light commercial and two-wheeled motor vehicles are produсed. Its history dates back to 1884 when entrepreneur Rinaldo Piaggio established his own small company. At present, the company owns 6 research and development centres and its products are presented in more than 50 world’s countries.

The Piaggio vehicles

The Italian company started the production of the cars in the middle of the twentieth century. Before that Piaggio parts were used in making aeroplanes for the needs of civil and military aviation and earlier – in the production of locomotives and motorboats.

One of the most popular vehicles in the model range of the company is a three-wheeled light commercial vehicle Ape. At present, it’s manufactured in India where this model is used as an auto rickshaw. Moreover, under the brand Piaggio, there are made minivans, vans, chassis truck, drop sided truck and porter pick-up.

Advantages of Piaggio vehicles

  • Compact size. Piaggio vehicles are not big. For example, the length of Porter minivan is only 3400 mm, its width is 1395 mm. The length of Ape 50 is even less, only 2660 mm. This allows the cars of the brand to move freely along narrow town streets, change lanes when traffic is heavy and do tasks that larger vehicles can’t do.
  • Manoeuvrability. Small (for commercial vehicles) weight and turning radius (3.7-4 m) allow these cars to deliver goods to the buildings which are hard to approach.
  • High load-carrying capacity and spacious luggage compartment. Some versions are designed to transport loads of 1100 kg and the volume of their luggage compartment can be 3,000 l.
  • Economy and eco-friendliness. Cars from the brand are fitted with small engines with the volume of 0.7-1.3 l which comply with the latest European eco standards. Extra-urban fuel consumption does not exceed 6 l per 100 km. Moreover, the model range of the marque is also represented by an electric commercial vehicle Electric Pianale Fisso. Its carrying capacity is 520 kg, it can speed up to 55 kph and the battery range is 98 km.

The best Piaggio parts

Commercial vehicles require suitable components – reliable but cheap. You’ll easily find them in our online shop. We offer to:

  • Buy Piaggio parts at affordable price. Numerous promotions and discounts will help you to save you money.
  • Contact our specialists to get help. They are always online and ready to help you choose a replacement part.
  • Save on delivery. Buying spares in bulk, for example, brake pads together with brake discs, you won’t have to pay the delivery fee twice. The order will be dispatched as a single parcel.