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Replacement parts VOLVO V40 Estate
V40 Estate FROM 07.1995
Automotive parts VOLVO V70
V70 FROM 12.1995
Vehicle spare parts VOLVO 850
850 FROM 06.1991
Automotive parts VOLVO V50
V50 FROM 12.2003
Car parts VOLVO S40
S40 FROM 07.1995
Replacement parts VOLVO S60
S60 FROM 07.2000
spares VOLVO XC 90
XC 90 FROM 06.2002
Replacement parts VOLVO S80
S80 FROM 05.1998
Vehicle spares VOLVO 940
940 FROM 08.1990
Replacement parts VOLVO XC70
XC70 FROM 10.1997
Automobile Spares VOLVO 740
740 FROM 04.1983
Vehicle parts VOLVO C30
C30 FROM 09.2006
Car spares VOLVO 240
240 FROM 08.1974
Vehicle spares VOLVO C70
C70 FROM 03.1997
Car parts VOLVO 960
960 FROM 08.1990
Automotive parts VOLVO 460 L
460 L FROM 09.1988
Car spare parts VOLVO 440 K
440 K FROM 08.1988
spares VOLVO S70
S70 FROM 11.1996
Vehicle spare parts VOLVO 140
140 FROM 08.1966
Car parts VOLVO 480 E
480 E FROM 04.1986
Car spares VOLVO V90 Estate
V90 Estate FROM 11.1996
Vehicle spares VOLVO 340-360
340-360 FROM 08.1975
Vehicle parts VOLVO 260
260 FROM 08.1974
spares VOLVO 164
164 FROM 08.1968
Car parts VOLVO 760
760 FROM 08.1981
Auto parts VOLVO DUETT
DUETT FROM 08.1961
Vehicle spares VOLVO S90
S90 FROM 11.1996
Replacement parts VOLVO 780
780 FROM 04.1986
Vehicle spares VOLVO 66
66 FROM 08.1975
spares VOLVO XC60
XC60 FROM 05.2008
Car spares VOLVO V60
V60 FROM 07.2010
Replacement parts VOLVO AMAZON
Car spare parts VOLVO P1800
P1800 FROM 04.1962
Replacement parts VOLVO AMAZON
Car parts VOLVO PV544
PV544 FROM 05.1960
Vehicle parts VOLVO C303
C303 FROM 05.1974
Car spare parts VOLVO XC40
XC40 FROM 10.2017
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Car parts for VOLVO

Volvo is a Swedish carmaker, which produces cars and trucks. Cars of this company are considered among the safest. In 2010, Volvo passed into the ownership of the Geely automotive company.

Volvo Cars

Since 1915, under the leadership of Assar Gabrielsson and Gustav Larson a branch of the well-known bearings manufacturer SKF began to design their own vehicles. In 1956, the company established a large export to Europe and the United States. In the late 1960s, Volvo vehicles were the first in the world equipped with three-point seat belts.

Maximum safety of the car is a basic requirement of the Volvo enterprise to designers. The entire range of Volvo is designed with the most advanced technical solutions to pass crash tests with a perfect result. Special design of the pedals and steering column, and a variety of airbags are designed to effectively protect the driver and passengers in case of accidents.

Today Volvo turnover is more than a hundred million dollars annually. The company manufactures 150 thousand cars per year. Volvo produces sedans, crossovers, five-door hatchbacks and station wagons.

Top 5 Volvo models

  1. VOLVO 850 Estate (LW) 2.4
  2. VOLVO 850 Estate (LW) 2.0
  3. VOLVO 850 Estate (LW) 2.4
  4. VOLVO 850 Estate (LW) 2.5 TDI
  5. VOLVO 850 Estate (LW) 2.0

Advantages of Volvo

  • perfect handling;
  • durable suspension;
  • roomy interior;
  • smooth ride;
  • comfortable seating for the driver and passengers;
  • great noise isolation;
  • spacious trunk;
  • relatively affordable services;
  • economical fuel consumption.

Maximum equipment of modern Volvo cars includes a graphical dashboard, dual-zone climate control, pre-heating in the parking lot, buttons on the steering wheel to control the audio system and dimming rearview glass. Safety of the vehicle is controlled by various sensors to warn of a collision or a lane departure. They also have the simultaneous unlocking of all doors.

Best Volvo auto parts

Volvo's vehicles provide the driver and passengers’ maximum safety. But for this it is necessary to ensure trouble-free operation of all units of the car. If you discover malfunction, you must install original spare parts for Volvo or their analogs instead of damaged components. High quality items help improve car performance.

We offer to buy spare parts for Volvo at an attractive price. Our technical support will help you to choose the parts that are fully compatible with your car. And of course, we will promptly deliver your order to any city.

High-quality components are a guarantee of your Volvo car safety!

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