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  • Engine CITROËN parts catalogueEngine
  • Brakes CITROËN parts catalogueBrakes
  • Belt / chain drive CITROËN parts catalogueBelt / chain drive
  • Filters CITROËN parts catalogueFilters
  • Body CITROËN parts catalogueBody
  • Suspension CITROËN parts catalogueSuspension
  • Electrics CITROËN parts catalogueElectrics
  • Damping CITROËN parts catalogueDamping
  • Clutch CITROËN parts catalogueClutch
  • Exhaust CITROËN parts catalogueExhaust
  • Ignition and preheating CITROËN parts catalogueIgnition and preheating
  • Wheel drive CITROËN parts catalogueWheel drive
Parts catalogue CITROËN
  • CITROËN Brake discs price

    Brake discs

  • CITROËN Timing belt kit price

    Timing belt kit

  • CITROËN Clutch kit price

    Clutch kit

  • CITROËN Timing belt and water pump price

    Timing belt and water pump

  • CITROËN Brake pads price

    Brake pads

  • CITROËN Shock absorber price

    Shock absorber

  • CITROËN Control arm price

    Control arm

  • CITROËN Wing mirror price

    Wing mirror

  • CITROËN Oil filter price

    Oil filter

  • CITROËN Battery price


  • CITROËN Wiper blades price

    Wiper blades

  • CITROËN Headlights price


  • CITROËN Catalytic converter price

    Catalytic converter

  • CITROËN Fuel filter price

    Fuel filter

  • CITROËN Air filter price

    Air filter

  • CITROËN Rear lights price

    Rear lights

  • CITROËN Serpentine belt price

    Serpentine belt

  • CITROËN Alternator price


  • CITROËN Wheel hub price

    Wheel hub

  • CITROËN Pollen filter price

    Pollen filter

  • CITROËN Wheel bearing price

    Wheel bearing

  • CITROËN Strut mount price

    Strut mount

  • CITROËN Drive shaft price

    Drive shaft

  • CITROËN Drum brake price

    Drum brake

  • CITROËN Brake caliper price

    Brake caliper

  • CITROËN Poly v-belt kit price

    Poly v-belt kit

  • CITROËN Injectors price


  • CITROËN Window regulator price

    Window regulator

  • CITROËN Starter motor price

    Starter motor

  • CITROËN Turbo price


  • CITROËN Anti-roll bar link price

    Anti-roll bar link

  • CITROËN Diesel particulate filter (DPF) price

    Diesel particulate filter (DPF)

  • CITROËN EGR valve price

    EGR valve

  • CITROËN AC compressor price

    AC compressor

  • CITROËN Exhaust silencer price

    Exhaust silencer

  • CITROËN Engine mount price

    Engine mount

  • CITROËN Coil spring price

    Coil spring

  • CITROËN Spark plugs price

    Spark plugs

  • CITROËN Radiator price


  • CITROËN Track rod end price

    Track rod end

  • Engine Oil CITROËN

    Engine Oil

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Information about CITROËN
  • Headquarters: France
  • Founded: 1919
  • First car produced in: 1921
  • First car name: Type A Torpedo
  • Group: Stellantis Auto SAS
  • Group brands: PEUGEOT, CITROËN
  • Model with the most versions: BX (XB-_)
  • Most frequently installed engine: 2.0 Petrol
  • Production locations in: France, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Russia, China
Our catalogue offers car parts for
  • Models: 45
  • Versions: 136
  • From production year: 1956
Engine types
  • Petrol: 708
  • Petrol/Natural Gas (CNG): 11
  • Petrol/Petroleum Gas (LPG): 19
  • Petrol/Ethanol: 42
  • Flexfuel: 5
  • Diesel: 654
  • Petrol/Electro: 4
  • Diesel/Electro: 6
  • Electric: 24
  • CNG: 1
  • Alcohol: 1
  • Petrol/Electric: 3
Tyres Engine oil
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CITROËN Car parts

Car parts for CITROËN

Citroën is one of the leading representatives of the French car industry. Since 1976 it is a part of the automobile corporation PSA Peugeot Citroën. Specializing generally in the production of modest vehicles for a wide range of customers, Citroën during its existence has created several models that have become really iconic. Currently, Citroën cars are marketed in more than 90 countries.

Citroën Automobiles

Citroën Company was founded in 1919 by André Citroën, who had been engaged in the production of locomotive parts before the war and artillery shells during the war before he became a car manufacturer. Model A, the first one released by the talented businessman, might be called a starting point for mass production of vehicles in Europe.

Over the history of the brand Citroën products have won three times the title of "European Car of the Year", seven more models were among the top three in this category in different years. Despite the fact that Citroën vehicles are considered low-cost, their quality, appearance and equipment are in no way inferior recognized leaders among premium cars.

Citroën Company pays great attention to motor racing: the list of the French team’s victories in the rally raids, the World Rally Championships and the World Touring Car Championships is admirable.

Currently, the lineup of Citroën is presented by a wide range of cars with different bodies - saloons, SUVs, convertibles, estate cars, hatchbacks and minivans.

Citroën Advantages

  • low fuel consumption;
  • affordable price segment;
  • spacious interior;
  • original recognizable design;
  • good handling;
  • the windscreen provides excellent visibility;
  • sensitive brakes;
  • high clearance.

Citroën pays much attention to the safety of the driver and passengers. Even in the road conditions verging on the extreme, full control of the vehicle is provided by ABS, ESP, Electronic Brakeforce Distribution and Emergency Brake Assist, and Blind Spot monitoring system indicates a potential danger using the indicators on the side mirrors.

Best Citroën auto parts

In our online store, you can easily buy spare parts for Citroën. A convenient site search function and competent technical support operators will save your time and optimize the search for the necessary components.

Our range of spare parts for Citroën will satisfy even an experienced mechanic, and a price list will not annoy a customer with average income. We are ready to confirm the quality of every part with the relevant certificates. With us, your Citroën will always be in tip-top shape!