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Car parts LADA NIVA
NIVA FROM 12.1976
Automotive parts LADA 110
110 FROM 01.1995
Replacement parts LADA 111
111 FROM 01.1995
Automotive parts LADA 112
112 FROM 01.1995
Auto parts LADA 1200-1500
1200-1500 FROM 09.1973
Automobile Spares LADA 1200-1600
1200-1600 FROM 01.1970
Automobile Spares LADA GRANTA
Vehicle spare parts LADA KALINA
Automotive parts LADA PRIORA
Car spare parts LADA SAMARA
Vehicle spare parts LADA TOSCANA
Auto parts LADA NOVA
NOVA FROM 05.1981
Automobile Spares LADA VESTA
VESTA FROM 11.2015
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Car parts for LADA

LADA is a famous Russian car brand being produced from 1966 until the present time. It belongs to the AvtoVAZ company. The brand was used for the first time in 1970 for exported models only. However, the company decided to use this name for its home market in 1996. The products of the company are exported to many world countries including Estonia, Latvia, Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary.

The LADA vehicles

In South American countries and in Cuba as well, the LADA vehicles are used as service vehicles by police, in particular. For some time, there were produced by third-party companies under license.

At present, most models of the company’s range are passenger cars. Commercial vehicles are presented only by several models. Among the available body styles are saloons, three- and five-door hatchbacks, five-door estate cars, liftbacks, coupes, three- and five-door SUVs as well as pickups and vans.

LADA parts don’t cost much and cars themselves are characterised by easy maintenance which made them popular.

Advantages of the LADA vehicles

  • Ease of maintenance. The cars of the marque suit perfectly well for adverse operating conditions. Their components and assemblies are not sensitive to fuel and oil quality, capable to run at low temperatures and in tough environment. Moreover, the simplicity of the structure allowed car owners to do repairs themselves.
  • Low cost. Compared to cars made by other brands, these vehicles cost really cheap. This makes up for shortcomings of these cars in many cases.
  • Modern design. In 2011, Steve Mattin became the chief designer of AvtoVAZ, who used to take part in elaborating exteriors for Mercedes-Benz and Volvo cars. Since then, the shapes of the cars gained modern appearance and started to look more stylish on the whole.
  • Good off-road performance. The cars of the brand were elaborated considering the quality of Russian roads, therefore, they have high clearance (for example, the Xray hatchback has 195 mm ride height), easily drive on poor roads, are well controlled when getting in a rut and off-road models show excellent performance even when travelling across extremely rough terrain.

The best LADA parts

A wide choice of spares for cars from different brands is presented in our online shop. Buying from us, you have an opportunity to:

  • Choose the most qualitative part from a wide assortment of oil, cabin and air filters, spark plugs, body parts, windscreen wipers, cooling system components, brake pads and discs and other assemblies.
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