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Replace a Spare part Clutch Flywheel – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Clutch Flywheel

Flywheel fulfils many functions in several systems of the engine. First, this car part reduces the uneven rotation of the crankshaft, in the case when the flywheel is regarded as a constructive element of a crank mechanism. It also serves as the transfer of torque from the vehicle engine to the gearbox in the case when it is the leading clutch plate. When the flywheel is driven gear of the reducer start-up system. It sends the torque from the starter to the car engine crankshaft.

Due to the accumulation of kinetic energy and efficiency, torque pulsation is smoothed. At the same time, the energy of the working piston, which is consumed when other engine cycle occur, is accumulated. With a large number of cylinders for the piston combustion stroke it takes more time. At the same time, the torque is more evenly and reduces the mass of the flywheel itself. The most powerful bearing in the engine is the flywheel, which is attached to the end of the crankshaft near the rear main bearing. Today there are several types of flywheels’ designs – one-piece, two-mass and light.

The most common is one-piece flywheel, which is a massive disc, made of a cast iron. To ensure the turning of the crankshaft when you start the car engine, on the outer side of the disc there is pressed a steel ring gear. On the other side there is a hub to fasten crankshaft to the flange.

If the flywheel in your vehicle is damaged, it is better to replace it than to repair, because sooner or later, this detail will fail. To save on replacement, before going to a service centre, order spare car parts, such as crankshaft, flange or flywheel in the online store. Thus, you will save not only money, but also time, which may be uncertain, if you decided to order the item in the service station.


Faults of flywheel
  • defects in the seat under the flange of the crankshaft;
  • worn or damaged teeth on the flywheel;
  • damage to the work surface for the clutch disc;
  • worn or damaged threads in fastening holes;
  • flywheel runout.
Symptoms of flywheel faults
  • engine rounds increase disproportionately to speed;
  • slipping clutch;
  • the clutch trails;
  • tight gearshift;
  • the occurrence of a burning smell in the cabin;
  • the gear shift is accompanied by strange sounds in gearbox;
  • noise when you press the clutch pedal;
  • vibration on the clutch pedal.
Causes of flywheel faults
  • systematic driving at low engine speeds;
  • frequent motor overheating and jamming;
  • gaps in the operation of the ignition and injection;
  • driving style;
  • exceeding the part service life;
  • enhanced vibration due to the deformation of the driveline components.
Diagnosis of flywheel

You will be able to conduct accurate diagnosis only on a special equipment. If the flywheel is assembled, you will be able to run only a superficial inspection. So, you need to note the outer diameter of the primary and secondary flywheels, by using colored markers. The norm is when the flywheels are turned against each other by hand, maintaining the same distance turns both left and right. Furthermore, the secondary flywheel must return independently to its original position. If the secondary flywheel turns over 10 millimeters, replacement should be performed.

Repair and replacement of the flywheel

If you are able to detect the wear of teeth on the ring gear, just replace the ring gear, and do not forget to check, adjust and possibly repair the starter and wiring. With low flywheel outrun treat the surface on a lathe. If the outrun strength is significant, replacement is required. To replace the flywheel, you will need:

  • remove the gearbox, and then the clutch pressure plate cover and clutch disc;
  • unscrew six bolts, previously fixing flywheel to avoid rotation;
  • remove the support washer, holding the flywheel;
  • remove the flywheel, replacing it with a new one;
  • do everything in reverse order.
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