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Replace a Spare part Clutch Plate (Clutch Disc) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Clutch Plate (Clutch Disc)

Clutch plate performs a function of binding the clutch driven plate to the gearbox primary slave. Under the influence of strong springs pressure plate pressures the clutch driven plate to the flywheel. Due to the huge force of friction between the flywheel, clutch driven plate and pressure plate, the entire mechanism starts to rotate when the engine is running. If the clutch is not completely off because of the pedals’ freewheeling, it is likely that in the system there is a defect of the thrust bearing and buckling of the clutch drive plate. This is possible because of the broken springs. To repair this fault you should adjust the free travel of the pedal, to remove the air from the hydraulic drive and to replace broken springs and wheels.

If the clutch slips or is not fully activated because of the small freewheel travel of pedals, probably a greasing occurred or friction linings of the clutch drive plate are worn. To solve the problem, adjust the pedal free play, clean or replace discs or springs. Sharp clutch engagement usually occurs because of jamming in the mechanism of the drive, scoring on the working surfaces of the flywheel or discs and also because of the destruction of the disc friction plates.

During the repair you will need to replace defective drive components, to remove scratches on the discs surfaces and to replace the clutch driven plate. In any case you will need new spare car parts to repair failed clutch disc. In order to save money on replacement of car parts, before replacing them in a garage visit our online shop and buy all the necessary parts, such as a pressure plate, springs or flywheel. We assure you can hardly find anywhere lower prices and such a huge selection of goods as we have in our online store.

Clutch Plate (Clutch Disc) for FORD FUSION (JU_), FIAT PALIO (178BX), LAND ROVER FREELANDER (LN)

Faults of the clutch disc
  • mechanical deformation;
  • disk abrasion;
  • breaking of damper springs or hub splines;
  • wear of the friction linings;
  • corrosion of the working surface;
  • cracks;
  • contamination of the part.
Symptoms of clutch disc failure
  • clutch slipping;
  • strange sounds during gearshift;
  • Clutch does not turn off;
  • noticeable vibration and jerks when the clutch is engaged;
  • the pedal does not return to its original position;
  • jamming in the clutch drive;
  • inability to shift gears.
Causes of clutch disc faults
  • driving on poor-quality road surface;
  • low quality components;
  • ingress of water, dirt or oil on the working surface;
  • sporty driving style.

Diagnosis of the clutch disc should be carried out every 80,000 kilometers. You can check the part state using a measuring gauge. This tool determines the disc thickness extremely accurately. To measure the part you do not need to dismantle the clutch. Only a lift, a gauge and instructions for its use are required, which will indicate that the instrument should be connected to the clutch slave cylinder.

Repair and replacement of clutch

Some damages to the disc can be removed by repair. For example, if the clutch is stalled because of the driven plate friction linings lubrication, you only need to wash the greasy parts. Sometimes it is possible to manage the replacement of individual components. We recommend to repair this part in a service shop. However, quite often the disc cannot be restored. In this case it must be replaced. What should be done:

  • hang the car front on tripods;
  • remove the wheels;
  • disconnect the clutch cable and the speedometer from the gearbox removing bolts that fasten ball joints with steering knuckles;
  • loosen the rear mounting of the left trailing arm;
  • disconnect the fastening bolts of the left tension bar bracket and turn the arm through 90 degrees;
  • unscrew the bottom protective casing of the flywheel and the engine left support;
  • loosen the gear drive clamp and the rear engine support from the body;
  • remove the gear drive;
  • unscrew the gearbox mounting to the engine;
  • remove the gearbox;
  • loosen the clutch;
  • replace the clutch disc;
  • reassemble in reverse order.
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