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Replace a Spare part Clutch Release Bearing (Clutch Bearing) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Clutch Release Bearing (Clutch Bearing)

Clutch bearing is one of the essential car parts. It is also called release bearing. It acts on the diaphragm spring leafs and is located on the release clutch. The characteristic sign of bearing failure is the appearance of noise when you press the clutch pedal. In this case it is necessary to lubricate the clutch bearing or to replace it.

If you hear whistle and it becomes louder when you press the clutch pedal, this also indicates a fatal failure of clutch release bearing. Despite the fact that this car part is made of super hard materials, release bearing is often out of order. You can replace the bearing even some time after the failure. But do not delay with this because the clutch can fail.

It should be noted that in most cases of release bearing failure you will have to change the clutch cover, because this part can cut leafs on the cover. When examining car engine or gearbox, it is also necessary to check the clutch arm and the clutch bearing. It is important to make sure that the bearing is slowly operating and there are no blue spots, indicating overheating.

It is not so complicated to replace the bearing. The main problem is to find new and quality spare part at a low price. So, if you decided to replace the bearing, wheel hub or strut, do not buy a new spare part in specialized stores or repair shops. It is better to contact online shop, where the best price for car parts of excellent quality, prompt delivery and customer support are guaranteed.

Clutch Release Bearing (Clutch Bearing) for NISSAN PRIMERA (P12), SUBARU IMPREZA SALOON (GD), DACIA LOGAN (LS_)

Faults of the clutch release bearing
  • bearing coupling failure;
  • stretching of diaphragm springs;
  • cracks on the working surface;
  • mechanical damage to the part;
  • corrosion;
  • pollution;
  • backlash in the cage.
Symptoms of release bearing failure
  • knock at started engine and depressed clutch;
  • growth of strange sounds in the warm season;
  • slipping of clutch;
  • frequent engine overheating;
  • appearance of a burning smell in the cabin;
  • jerks while driving.
Causes of release bearing faults
  • aggressive driving style;
  • installing low quality parts;
  • holding the clutch with engaged gear;
  • ignoring the operation terms, recommendations and requirements;
  • ingress of dirt and moisture on the components.
Diagnostics of release bearing

Most often, motorists think about the diagnosis of the release bearing after the appearance of strange sounds in the clutch. So, if you are faced with a similar problem, note that noise can be induced both by bearing wear and faulty gearbox. To determine which of the components is in need of repair or replacement, depress the clutch pedal and listen. If after the committed action the noise has disappeared, you know that you have to repair the gearbox. But if the strange sound, on the contrary, has increased, you can confidently assert faulty release bearing.

Replacing release bearing

The service life of this part is about 150 thousand kilometers. However, if you prefer a sporty driving style, it is possible that the bearing replacement is required after 50 thousand kilometers. So, if the service life has expired or you have found a fault that can not be repaired, use the provided instructions on the part replacement:

  • 1. Remove the gearbox.
  • 2. Disengage the lock tips from the clutch.
  • 3. Disconnect the clamp from the clutch.
  • 4. Remove the bearing from the bush with the clutch.
  • 5. Disconnect the bearing unbending the hooks.
  • 6. Remove the bearing from the clutch.
  • 7. Before installing the new part, inspect it (rotation should be free, and backlash absent).
  • 8. Installing the new bearing on the coupling, make sure that the part of the inner ring is directed sideward.
  • 9. Fix the part in this position using the lock.
  • 10. Lubricate the hub with grease.
  • 11. Installation of the bearing is completed.
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