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DS is a French marque of luxury cars officially founded by the Citroën company in 2014. DS vehicles are popular among French political elite: in particular, Emmanuel Macron, the French president, chose the 7 Crossback model for his inauguration in 2017.

The DS vehicles

The history of the brand dates back to early 1955 when the legendary Citroën DS was made. Later, in 2009, the PSA Peugeot Citroën corporation decided to revive past glories of the model. At first, the combination of letters DS was used to mark the line of Citroën luxury cars and only after 5 years it became a separate brand.

At present, in the model range of the marque, there are only a few cars. In Europe, there are available three- and five-door hatchbacks, convertibles and crossovers. The production of the vehicles and DS parts is mainly located in France. The 5LS saloon, 4S hatchback and 6WR crossover are also manufactured in China and are available in the local market only.

Advantages of the DS vehicles

  • Stylish design. Elegant lines of the car body match the unusual design of the bonnet shape; exterior and interior elements make a single unit. For example, headlights made in the shape of crystals are perfectly complemented by crystal-shaped controls on the centre console touchscreen. Qualitative leather, natural wood and Alcantara are used for the interior trimming.
  • Excellent visibility. High driver's seat position, panoramic windscreen with a slope of 45 ° allow the driver to have a view of the road. The Active LED Vision headlights emit pleasant to the eyes blue light and can rotate 180° which provides excellent visibility at night-time and makes the exterior recognizable.
  • A wide range of innovative technologies. The 7 Crossback crossover has two 12-inch multimedia displays in its cabin. One of them is used by navigation and multimedia systems as well as by the brand communication system. The other one serves as an electronic instrument cluster with a wide range of personal settings.
  • Economy. The new ЕАТ8 eight-speed transmission not only provides fast gear-change but also allows to reduce fuel consumption by 4% compared to the 6-speed transmission of the preceding generation. Moreover, the model range is presented by hybrid versions which consume much less fuel.

The best DS parts

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