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Miraglio is a small Italian company which manufactures car body parts, in particular door handles, locks and window regulator parts. It produces parts both for the aftermarket as well as for the original vehicle configuration.

The history of Miraglio Company

The history of the brand traces back to 1955 when Vincenzo Miraglio started his own workshop engaged in manufacturing cables for window regulators Fiat 600. Since then a small firm was actively developing and in 1974 it turned into a limited liability company. The expansion of product made it necessary to acquire a new factory. As the result it was decided to move into a new building with a total area of 5 000 m2 located in Rivoli, Italy.

Intending to control the process of the car parts production at all stages, the management of the company set up a full production cycle – from casting the forms and making necessary instruments to the quality control of ready car spares. A wide range of non-genuine car parts is produced under the brand Miraglio. Products of the company are used in cars made by Fiat and Iveco, as well as in microcars produced in France and Italy. If you wish to buy auto parts by Miraglio online but are afraid of counterfeits we recommend you to use services of online shop Buycarparts.co.uk.

Car parts by Miraglio

  1. Window regulators. Cables and pull-rods, buttons, handlebars, electric motors and other components of window regulators are all in this category. They are produced from b abrasion-proof materials. They are noted for high efficiency and reaction rate to certain commands.
  2. External and internal door-handles. As a rule plastic is used for production of internal door handles Miraglio. They can be coated with the color of interior or chromed. External door-handles are noted for ergonomic design that prevents the accumulation of dirt and snow accretion in places of their connection with the car body or on the surface of car parts. Besides door handles there are also handrails and interior handles presented under the brand Miraglio.
  3. Car locks. The category has hood and baggage compartment locks, manual door locks, lock barrels, ferrules and so on. They are all noted for high quality and resistance to mechanical damage.
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Customer reviews
MIRAGLIO Window Regulator 30/2468 Review

MIRAGLIO Window Regulator 30/2468

I 'THINK' this is the right one, be careful when choosing regulator for your beetle convertible - the hatchback units don't fit ......
MIRAGLIO Door Handle 80/864 Review

MIRAGLIO Door Handle 80/864

Existing parts were broken
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