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IPSA is a trademark, under which the German company IPSA-Autoteile Großhandelsgesellschaft has been selling third-party car parts for more than 15 years. In the central warehouse of the company located in Sömmerda, Germany, there are over 60000 spares for different car makes always in stock.

IPSA Car parts
  1. Valves. In their production, highly durable wear and high temperature resistant kinds of steel are used. Some of them have anti-corrosion stellite coating.
  2. Valve guides. Only high quality products are used for the lubrication of contacting surfaces to protect elements from wear. Withstand high temperature well.
  3. Pistons. Made from aluminium alloy. Feature lightweight, high performance and wear-resistance.
  4. Batteries. Feature high starting power, made using expanded metal technology. Thanks to special design of the battery cover, they managed to minimize the amount of water being evaporated. Due to a large number of plates, the components have high power. Fitted with horizontal indicator that helps to control battery charge level.
  5. Rocker arms. Made from durable materials resistant to abrasive wear and high temperatures. Feature long life-cycle. Using modern lubricants helps to maintain an optimal friction coefficient of bush surfaces during the whole life-cycle.
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