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Behr Thermot-tronik is one of the leading manufacturers of spare parts for car air conditioners and engine cooling systems in the world. At present, every fourth new car in Europe is fitted with Behr Thermot-tronik cooling system. You can always buy Behr Thermot-tronik car parts online in our online-shop Buycarparts.co.uk on beneficial terms.

Behr Thermot-tronik Background

The German company Behr Thermot-tronik was founded in 1955 by Manfred Behr. By 1963 it had been successfully producing genuine car parts for leading automotive corporate groups such as Opel, Fiat, Mercedes-Benz and Ford. In 1972 they began to manufacture their goods at the new factory in Kornwestheim, which remains the one with the highest productive capacity of the company up to the present moment. In 1974 Behr Thermot-tronik firm started mass production of thermo switches for a popular Volkswagen model – Golf MK1. Since 2013 Behr Thermot-tronik trademark has belonged to German corporate group MAHLE that enters top twenty world’s largest car part manufacturers.

Behr Thermot-tronik’s specialization is designing and production of temperature control systems and their components. Behr Thermot-tronik products are developed in its own research and development centres and manufactured at 30 factories in 16 countries of the world.

Behr Thermot-tronik components comply with the highest requirements of carmakers, as well as automobile drivers, being good value for money. Under this brand both genuine and non-genuine car parts are produced.

Behr Thermot-tronik Car parts

1. Engine cooling systems. Cool engine components while it’s running. Notable for their reliability in all weather conditions. Provide failure-free engine operation within specified temperature requirements. Include the following components:

  • thermostats (integral; inserted; controlled; sleeve valve);
  • thermo switches;
  • radiators;
  • cooling modules;
  • temperature sensors;
  • heater exchangers;
  • cooling liquid pumps and etc.

2. Air conditioning and ventilation systems. Behr Thermot-tronik produces components for various vehicles – from passenger cars up to commercial trucks. The company engineers work at increasing efficiency of ventilation and air conditioning systems using innovative heat exchangers and electronic components. Another manufacturer’s aim is reducing the weight of components. Behr Thermot-tronik air conditioners gives you an opportunity to set optimal temperature in the passenger cabin, what makes travelling for drivers and passengers more comfortable. They also dry the air preventing windows from misting. Air conditioning and ventilation systems include the following elements:

  • compressors;
  • evaporators;
  • filters;
  • ventilators;
  • hoses, communication elements and others.
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