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Behr GmbH & Co. KG is a systems partner for the international automotive industry with a great success. The group, made up of several companies, specializes in vehicle air conditioning and engine cooling. With more than 17.000 employees in approximately 36 employment offices and 17 development centres the Behr brand is one of the largest suppliers in the world. Behr auto parts are manufactured taking in consideration ecological aspects. With regard to the environment, the company wants in future to achieve more safety and quality.

Tradition and innovation are main characteristics

The company was founded in 1905 and was able to evolve from a small family business to a major automotive supplier. Being manufacturer of original air conditioning and engine cooling equipment for vehicles, Behr is an important brand. Behr car parts can be used not only for classic cars, but also for commercial vehicles. The company operates on the international level and is therefore a counterpart for many major carmakers. The focus is made not on luxury cars, but on the middle class cars. The high level of customer requirements is met through innovative systems and ensures complete satisfaction.

With a focus on the environment

As environment protection is important for the supplier, its innovative solutions must meet the case. Behr car parts are not only of the best quality, but they also are environmentally friendly. As one of the first companies Behr has a certified environmental management, making it possible to optimize the products constantly. Behr's products can be customized for each vehicle model and use. The global market is benefiting greatly from the innovative products and will continue to see new Behr developments.

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