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Car parts for ARO

ARO was a Romanian vehicle manufacturing company which existed from 1957 to 2006. It specialised in the production of off-road vehicles. The company produced over 380,000 ARO vehicles during the production years, two-thirds of which were exported. Overall, the vehicles of the brand were sold in more than 110 countries on five continents. The assembly was carried out not in Romania only but in Poland, Namibia, Argentina, Brazil, Spain and Portugal.

The ARO vehicles

In the production of vehicles, the company used both its own developments and assemblies and units of the third-party companies. At first, Romanian vehicles were equipped with the Dacia engines as well as with the ones made by Ford, Renault, Daewoo, Toyota, Volkswagen and Pegaso. Only, in the early 1980s, the company started to fit their models with their own engines.

The model range of the company consisted of off-road vehicles with a capacity of five, seven and eight people. The vehicles could have either a closed-body style with three or five doors or an open one with two or four doors. The range of available body styles also included two- or four-door pick-ups.

Despite the fact that the Romanian company closed down quite long ago, ARO parts are still manufactured and the off-road vehicles have become prototypes for many modern vehicles with high off-road performance.

Advantages of the ARO vehicles

  • Simplicity in design. Lack of sophisticated technological solutions minimized the risk of breakdowns. Therefore, the vehicles of the brand were characterised by reliability and affordable maintenance.
  • Durability. Due to the frame body structure, the cars withstood extreme loads and featured resistance to vibrations and overturning. These qualities were highly appreciated by owners of SUVs.
  • Low price. Simple structure, minimalist design, a short list of optional extras and third-party units allowed to reduce the price of the vehicles made by the marque. Thanks to that, they were in great demand all over the world.
  • Good off-road performance. Romanian off-road vehicles showed excellent characteristics on rough terrain. For example, the 24 models climbed slopes of 35° and forded 61-cm -deep water. Clearance of most vehicles exceeded 250 mm.

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