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Van Wezel Autoparts is a Belgian company which is engaged in packing and selling car parts. It is one of the largest suppliers of non-genuine car spares in Europe. Every car part with Van Wezel label is a combination of quality, reliability and affordable price.

The history of Van Wezel Company

Van Wezel Autoparts Company was founded in Belgium in the second half of the XX century. In the beginning the company was engaged in packing and selling car parts from Taiwan. Nowadays under the brand Van Wezel the company sells car body parts and engine cooling system components. The firm also owns brands such as Equipart, Hagus, HS and International Radiators.

The company headquarters are situated in Tienen, Belgium. There is also the largest company storehouse there. Van Wezel storehouses and distribution centres work in Italy, Holland, Austria, Czech Republic and Germany. The company car spares are sold in countries of Western Europe, in the territories of CIS and Baltic states.

Today a range the company products includes 28000 items. You can buy Van Wezel car parts online for the following automobile models: Audi, BMW, Citroën, FIAT, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Opel, Ford, Smart, Volkswagen etc.

Van Wezel car spares

  • Body parts. The category has bumpers, wheel arch liners, bumper fascia and others.
  • Automotive optics. In the category there are power side-view mirrors, interior mirrors, dipped and main headlights, fog and direction indicator lamps.
  • Engine cooling system components. The category has radiators, compressors, air dryers, evaporators, fan clutch etc.

All the car parts produced under the brand Van Wezel meet high quality and safety standards and, as the manufacturer says, are as good as original ones. Before being put on sale every car spare is thoroughly checked while passing all the stages of testing. Only after that the car part can be packed in a brand package and shipped to the customer.

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