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Van Wezel Autoparts is a Belgian company which is engaged in packing and selling car parts. It is one of the largest suppliers of non-genuine car spares in Europe. Every car part with Van Wezel label is a combination of quality, reliability and affordable price.

The history of Van Wezel Company

Van Wezel Autoparts Company was founded in Belgium in the second half of the XX century. In the beginning the company was engaged in packing and selling car parts from Taiwan. Nowadays under the brand Van Wezel the company sells car body parts and engine cooling system components. The firm also owns brands such as Equipart, Hagus, HS and International Radiators.

The company headquarters are situated in Tienen, Belgium. There is also the largest company storehouse there. Van Wezel storehouses and distribution centres work in Italy, Holland, Austria, Czech Republic and Germany. The company car spares are sold in countries of Western Europe, in the territories of CIS and Baltic states.

Today a range the company products includes 28000 items. You can buy Van Wezel car parts online for the following automobile models: Audi, BMW, Citroën, FIAT, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Opel, Ford, Smart, Volkswagen etc.

Van Wezel car spares

  • Body parts. The category has bumpers, wheel arch liners, bumper fascia and others.
  • Automotive optics. In the category there are power side-view mirrors, interior mirrors, dipped and main headlights, fog and direction indicator lamps.
  • Engine cooling system components. The category has radiators, compressors, air dryers, evaporators, fan clutch etc.

All the car parts produced under the brand Van Wezel meet high quality and safety standards and, as the manufacturer says, are as good as original ones. Before being put on sale every car spare is thoroughly checked while passing all the stages of testing. Only after that the car part can be packed in a brand package and shipped to the customer.

Original top quality, low-priced car parts and spare parts from VAN WEZEL VAN WEZEL original products bestsellers

VAN WEZEL | Headlights

VAN WEZEL | Wing mirror

VAN WEZEL | Rear lights

  • VAN WEZEL car parts: Wheel arch liner Wheel arch liner
  • VAN WEZEL car parts: Glass for wing mirror Glass for wing mirror
  • VAN WEZEL car parts: Side indicators Side indicators
  • VAN WEZEL car parts: Window regulator Window regulator
  • VAN WEZEL car parts: Bumper grill Bumper grill
  • VAN WEZEL car parts: Engine radiator Engine radiator
  • VAN WEZEL car parts: Brake disc back plate Brake disc back plate
  • VAN WEZEL car parts: Fog lights Fog lights
  • VAN WEZEL car parts: Radiator grille Radiator grille
  • VAN WEZEL car parts: Wing Wing
  • VAN WEZEL car parts: Bumper Bumper
  • VAN WEZEL car parts: AC condenser AC condenser
  • VAN WEZEL car parts: Oil sump Oil sump
  • VAN WEZEL car parts: Moldings Moldings
  • VAN WEZEL car parts: Bumper brackets Bumper brackets
  • VAN WEZEL car parts: Heater core Heater core
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Brake system
  • Brake disc back plate
Comfort / interior
Electric system
  • Oil sump
Engine cooling system
Exhaust system
Gaskets / sealing rings
Heating / ventilation
  • Heater core
Windscreen cleaning system
Reviews of VAN WEZEL
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7.67 /10

Reviews - 12250

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Parameters rating +35089 Advantages Disadvantages 882-
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Product quality +8931 122-
Packaging quality +4021 168-
Manufacturer +5037 298-
Warranty +6954 182-
Customer reviews
Combination Rearlight 2810926 Review

Combination Rearlight 2810926

It appears first class, been hard to find, now need other side, will order, is there a screw on cap plug to go on back ! Great . filled in email note ,looking for 2 no plate lights when available Chris
Combination Rearlight 3389931 Review

Combination Rearlight 3389931

The item was available at a reasonable price compared to many others, and you are one of the companies which seem willing to post the item to our location, for which I am most grateful.
Mirror Glass, outside mirror 5766838 Review

Mirror Glass, outside mirror 5766838

Low quality plastic: clips that hold it to the housing snapped during fitting rendering it useless. Also note: Suitable for left hand drive only.
Outside Mirror 5493808 Review

Outside Mirror 5493808

Looks right, matches model number, let's hope it fits as sometimes people get it wrong both at ordering and supplying the item! "Fingers crossed"
Combination Rearlight 2810925 Review

Combination Rearlight 2810925

Hi There. Yes been looking for these rear lights for some time. Ordered 1 I realize if OK will order other side. I am hoping it is right.
Combination Rearlight 0690922 Review

Combination Rearlight 0690922

It was confirmed to be the exact OEM part number and it also confirmed that it fits my car (supplied registration number).
Combination Rearlight 1787921 Review

Combination Rearlight 1787921

Very good description of what I needed. The part could not be sieved in the UK. Thank you and look forward to receiving.
Window Regulator 5886262 Review

Window Regulator 5886262

Great shop! Please note this photo of the window opening mechanism is upside down. It confused me for a few minutes!
Outside Mirror 3024804 Review

Outside Mirror 3024804

From the picture and description it appears to be the right mirror to fit drivers side of a right hand drive 190 e
Ventilation Grille, bumper 5766592 Review

Ventilation Grille, bumper 5766592

i wanted to make sure both are identical so bought the set The site was very easy to use and only took 5 mins
Panelling, mudguard 4041434 Review

Panelling, mudguard 4041434

It is confirmed that it will fit my vehicle. Plus the agent who attended my call was very polite and patient.
Combination Rearlight 0380930 Review

Combination Rearlight 0380930

I chose this product from Van Wezel because it was available and the ordering process was relatively easy.
Combination Rearlight 0335921 Review

Combination Rearlight 0335921

I needed this item, used this website and had ordered it within 5 minutes. Nice and easy - Happy days!!
Splash Panel, brake disc 3745371 Review

Splash Panel, brake disc 3745371

It is zinc coated, so should prevent rust, if the zinc coating has not been damaged in transit.
Window Regulator 7636262 Review

Window Regulator 7636262

The main dealer was £200 plus and from experience take weeks too find the parts or call back
Headlight 0159962 Review

Headlight 0159962

I chose this product because on this website cost less for my ALFA ROMEO 156 jti 2005
Outside Mirror 3031807 Review

Outside Mirror 3031807

Because I hope it is the correct part for the 1997 Mercedes Model my good friend has.
Combination Rearlight 1895929 Review

Combination Rearlight 1895929

They are a company with a good reputation who offer fair prices and excellent service
Outside Mirror 0979815 Review

Outside Mirror 0979815

Found you very helpful with your communications to find me the correct item I needed.
Combination Rearlight 0807932 Review

Combination Rearlight 0807932

The existing rear light lens is badly cracked and the item was unavailable locally
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