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TYC is a well-known Taiwan brand under which a wide range of automobile lighting units and other car parts are produced. It belongs to the company TYC Brother Industrial Co., Ltd, founded in 1986 in Taiwan. At present the company is a large supplier of original car spares for such automobiles as Nissan, Mitsubishi, Honda, Ford, Toyota, Mazda, Suzuki. At the same time it produces non-original car parts and products for tuning. Factories of the company are located in China, Iran and Thailand.

Car parts by TYC

  1. Automobile lighting units. This category includes headlights, tail lights, fog-lights, turn indicators, as well as various types of lamps. Their main advantage is a combination of high quality and a reasonable price. Every year TYC produces more than 11 million of various lighting devices.
  2. Mirrors. Mirror housings are manufactured from good quality plastic that is resistant to temperature drops, moisture impact and direct sunlight. Their fasteners correspond exactly to original equipment which allows avoiding unforeseeable complications during the installation of the car part. Mirrors provide optimal visibility area and do not distort the distance to reflected objects.
  3. Fans. For their production the company uses quality plastic resistant to mechanical damages.
  4. Radiators. They are manufactured from durable materials – aluminum and copper. They are noted for resistance to corrosion, good heat transfer and long service life.
  5. Condensers. They have low weight and a reliable structure. They are resistant to changes in pressure and impact of corrosive substances.

Additionally the company produces window lifters, alternators, starters, diffuser, cabin air filters and other products.

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  1. Prompt delivery. The continuous availability of the best-selling car spares and concerted efforts of our specialists allow delivering purchases within the shortest amount of time.
  2. Up-to-date catalogue. We have a close look at new products in the aftermarket and that is why our product range is constantly updated with new items from leading manufacturers of auto parts.
  3. High quality of goods. We are well familiarized with a wide choice of car spares that are presented in the aftermarket today, and we are able to select only the most qualitative of them.
  4. Competent assistance. Making the right choice when purchasing the car part is no less important that its quality. Even the best car spares from leading manufacturers will not be able to function effectively if they don’t meet technical requirements of your vehicle. Specialists of our customer support service are ready to provide you with qualified help and answer all questions that occur during the selection of auto parts.
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  • Headlights
  • Fog lights
  • Side indicators
  • Rear lights
  • Wing mirror
  • Glass for wing mirror
  • Bumper brackets
  • Third brake light
  • Wing mirror covers
  • Rear fog lights
  • Daytime running light
  • Reverse light
  • Rear reflector
Electric system
  • Headlight leveling motor
Engine cooling system
  • Radiator fan
  • Engine radiator
Heating / ventilation
  • Heater blower motor
Reviews of TYC
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7.75 /10

Reviews - 6899

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9 (1940)
8 (1915)
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Parameters rating +22811 Advantages Disadvantages 662-
Product cost +6422 67-
Product quality +5688 96-
Packaging quality +2754 123-
Manufacturer +3392 236-
Warranty +4555 140-
Customer reviews
Indicator 18-5104-15-2 Review

Indicator 18-5104-15-2

The part was well packed and in excellent condition. Its now fitted into vehicle without any problems, so I am very pleased with the product. The only issue I had was the length of time it took to arrive (just under 2 weeks), but in the current Covid-19 crisis, I have to accept that disruption to normal service is only to be expected and I am simply glad to have got the part
Fan, radiator 826-0009 Review

Fan, radiator 826-0009

I choose this company because even in the worst of pandemic period i received the parts just in time,against other companies that i still not received the parts despite i have ordered last march.Thank's in advance and keep it up Darren from Malta.
Mirror Glass, outside mirror 324-0030-1 Review

Mirror Glass, outside mirror 324-0030-1

I have used this company before, for the same product, and have been 100% satisfied with both the price and the process.
Interior Blower 509-0003 Review

Interior Blower 509-0003

I chose this part because the price beat all the others even on e bay and the fitment details were clear for my vehicle
Cover, outside mirror 337-0263-2 Review

Cover, outside mirror 337-0263-2

It’s exactly what I needed and the feature of being able to put your reg in makes sure your getting what you need.
Cover, outside mirror 338-0041-2 Review

Cover, outside mirror 338-0041-2

someone stole my original mirror cover. I already have paint so don't have to pay for a painted one
Fog Light 19-0449-01-9 Review

Fog Light 19-0449-01-9

I ordered the right hand side and fitted it now I have ordered the left side part no MEO394414
Fog Light 19-5719001 Review

Fog Light 19-5719001

The web site is user friendly and very descriptive. Hope it looks that good when it arrives
Fog Light 19-0095-05-2 Review

Fog Light 19-0095-05-2

I chose this item because it was good value for money, and I needed a replacement.
Fog Light 19-0450-11-9 Review

Fog Light 19-0450-11-9

Because I purchased the opposite side and fitted with out any problems thank you
Indicator 18-0293-11-2 Review

Indicator 18-0293-11-2

It was the best price, with cheapest shipping cost that I found online. Thank you
Outside Mirror 337-0093 Review

Outside Mirror 337-0093

I chose this product because it was a lot cheaper than one from a VW main agent.
Indicator 18-0273-00-2 Review

Indicator 18-0273-00-2

i may need this as the cover missing and the internal electrics may be corroded
Outside Mirror 305-0139 Review

Outside Mirror 305-0139

This site was very clear and helpful to choose my product. Straight forward.
Headlight 20-12277-05-2 Review

Headlight 20-12277-05-2

please let me know when bumper is available. need one in blue asap Thanks
Combination Rearlight 11-12832-01-2 Review

Combination Rearlight 11-12832-01-2

comprehensive description removing any doubt of it being the wrong part
Outside Mirror 321-0013 Review

Outside Mirror 321-0013

Of all the details, plus pictures of connectors - most important.
Outside Mirror 337-0097 Review

Outside Mirror 337-0097

The company made it reasonably clear that it fitted my vehicle
Headlight 20-6357-15-2 Review

Headlight 20-6357-15-2

I need it, my headlights all steamy. Fast website, good prices
Headlight 20-11917-36-2 Review

Headlight 20-11917-36-2

It looked like it was right for the car, and a good price.
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