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ABAKUS Сar parts

Catalogue of manufacturers ABAKUS

ABAKUS is a Polish trademark, under which various lighting equipment, air conditioning components, mirrors and body parts are presented on the aftermarket. This brand belongs to the ABAKUS Sp z o.o. company. At present, in the company’s catalogue, there are more than 30000 items of auto parts for famous brand models and its product range continues to grow wider. The headquarters of the company are located in Warsaw.

ABAKUS Car parts

  1. Lighting elements. The following items belong to this category: headlights, taillights, turn signals, fog lights and others – overall, more than 15000 items. Made from high quality materials using cutting-edge technologies. Have a durable housing resistant to mechanical damage, aggressive environmental conditions and color fading. All mountings comply with the original ones.
  2. Automotive mirrors. Under the brand ABAKUS, side mirrors, mirror covers, mirror elements, interior mirrors and other products are manufactured. The selling proposition includes car parts with a mechanical drive as well as with electric heating or automatic folding. Apart from the serial products for the most popular models, the company also accepts special orders for components that are not mass produced.
  3. Oil pans. Made from either steel or aluminium, feature lightweight, resistance to corrosion, mechanical damage and aggressive chemical agents. More than 100 kinds of these parts are represented in the ABAKUS catalogue.
  4. Engine cooling and air conditioning components. In this category the following items can be found: evaporators, radiators, condensers, dryers, fans, compressors and other parts. Feature high quality as they are subject to strict control at all production stages. Overall, in this category one might find more than 2500 items.
  5. Body Parts. These include bumpers, radiator grills, mouldings, bonnets, mudguards and other elements. Customers have the choice of 3000 items.

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Catalogue of manufacturers ABAKUS online

ABAKUS original products bestsellers

ABAKUS | Brake discs

ABAKUS | Shock absorber

ABAKUS | Brake pads

  • ABAKUS Сar parts: Wheel hub Wheel hub
  • ABAKUS Сar parts: Headlights Headlights
  • ABAKUS Сar parts: Brake caliper Brake caliper
  • ABAKUS Сar parts: Lambda sensor Lambda sensor
  • ABAKUS Сar parts: Rear lights Rear lights
  • ABAKUS Сar parts: Wiper blades Wiper blades
  • ABAKUS Сar parts: Wing mirror Wing mirror
  • ABAKUS Сar parts: AC compressor AC compressor
  • ABAKUS Сar parts: Radiator Radiator
  • ABAKUS Сar parts: Water pump Water pump
  • ABAKUS Сar parts: Ignition coil Ignition coil
  • ABAKUS Сar parts: EGR valve EGR valve
  • ABAKUS Сar parts: Tailgate struts Tailgate struts
  • ABAKUS Сar parts: Mass air flow sensor (MAF) Mass air flow sensor (MAF)
  • ABAKUS Сar parts: Timing chain Timing chain
  • ABAKUS Сar parts: Timing chain kit Timing chain kit
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  • Timing chain
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  • EGR valve
  • Lambda sensor
Ignition and preheating
  • Ignition coil
Light bulbs
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Customer reviews
Reviews of Headlight 773-1121R-LDEM6

Headlight 773-1121R-LDEM6

Website is easy to understand, product detail is clear, I have one smashed light frontage though the lights themselves still work but I need both sides to match it up and this product is the best value available:)
Reviews of Rear light 440-1995L3AE

Rear light 440-1995L3AE

More than £100 less than I would have had to pay Euro parts. If the parts are quickly delivered then I've made the perfect choice in my purchase of car parts. Very helpful and friendly staff. (Ellie)
Reviews of Rear light 440-1995R3AE

Rear light 440-1995R3AE

It appears to be the best solution at the best price. I'll await it's arrival to see if I've made the right choice. Almost £300 less than what I would have had to pay Mercedes Benz
Reviews of Rear light 215-19K6L-LD-UE

Rear light 215-19K6L-LD-UE

I couldn't get it at a regular car shop dealer but found it online at your shop and easy to order. Furthermore I hope your service will meet my expectations
Reviews of Rear light 215-19K6R-LD-UE

Rear light 215-19K6R-LD-UE

I couldn't get it at a regular car shop dealer but found it online at your shop and easy to order. Furthermore I hope your service will meet my expectations
Reviews of Rear light 214-19ADL-AE

Rear light 214-19ADL-AE

Been looking for the best deal to replace a broken rear light cluster, This came up on my search as in stock and reasonable price
Reviews of Headlight 223-1123L-LD-E

Headlight 223-1123L-LD-E

my item was undamaged and quickly delivered. the team are very responsive to queries and the part is exactly as described no fuss
Reviews of Rear light 216-1989L-UE

Rear light 216-1989L-UE

Found website easy to navigate and the produce was at a good price. I was being quoted £250-£300 by other suppliers.
Reviews of Reflex Reflector 431-2904L-UE

Reflex Reflector 431-2904L-UE

Because I broke my reflector on my c max luckily they was no bulb or fixings behind as this is slightly cheaper.
Reviews of Headlight 221-1142L-LD-E

Headlight 221-1142L-LD-E

Good Price and my car failed its MOT so needed them desparately, Plus brought the wrong ones from eBay.
Reviews of Headlight 665-1114L-LD-EM

Headlight 665-1114L-LD-EM

Of the whole selection offered this headlight unit offered the best quality for the price,
Reviews of Cover, outside mirror 4130C01

Cover, outside mirror 4130C01

Because I could see it looked roughly like the one off the car , who he’d helped thanks
Reviews of Headlight 661-1113L-LD-E

Headlight 661-1113L-LD-E

I needed new lights and most other suppliers only had for left hand drive vehicle
Reviews of Headlight 661-1113R-LD-E

Headlight 661-1113R-LD-E

I needed new lights and most other suppliers only had for left hand drive vehicle.
Reviews of Headlight 441-1131R-LD-E

Headlight 441-1131R-LD-E

I trust this supplier. The product will be good, and at the best price available.
Reviews of Rear light 552-1933R-UE

Rear light 552-1933R-UE

It was reasonably priced and I also found the site easy to use for my first time.
Reviews of Rear light 552-1939R-LD-UE

Rear light 552-1939R-LD-UE

It was roughly 60 pounds cheaper on average than Halfords and other brokers
Reviews of Headlight 120-1101LMLD-EM

Headlight 120-1101LMLD-EM

i have bought car parts before and been happy with the items and service
Reviews of Rear light 431-1951R-LD-UE

Rear light 431-1951R-LD-UE

My old unit was corroded beyond repair you seem like value for money D
Reviews of Rear light 212-19U3R-LD-UE

Rear light 212-19U3R-LD-UE

Because its the same as one fitted, which has been smashed by vandals