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VW CADDY parts and accessories online catalogue

Volkswagen CADDY car parts catalogue online
Models up to 2000
11/1995 - 01/2004
Car body type: Box
09/1979 - 07/1992
Car body type: Pickup
06/1996 - 12/2000
Car body type: Pickup
11/1995 - 01/2004
Car body type: Estate
Models from 2000 to 2005
03/2004 - 05/2015
Car body type: Box
03/2004 - 05/2015
Car body type: Estate
Spare parts for VW Caddy III MPV (6K9, 9E7, 9E9)
09/2002 - 12/2009
Car body type: Estate
Models from 2005 to 2015
05/2015 - ...
Car body type: Box
05/2015 - ...
Car body type: Estate
05/2015 - ...
Car body type: Box, Box Body/MPV
05/2015 - ...
Car body type: Estate
Models from 2015 to 2020
09/2020 - ...
Car body type: MPV
09/2020 - ...
Car body type: Box Body/MPV
Spare parts for VW Caddy V California (SBB, SBJ)
09/2020 - ...
Car body type: MPV

Parts catalogue VW CADDY

  • VW CADDY Brake rotors in original quality

    Brake discs

  • VW CADDY Cam belt kit in original quality

    Timing belt kit

  • VW CADDY Timing belt kit with water pump in original quality

    Timing belt and water pump

  • VW CADDY Brake pad set in original quality

    Brake pads

  • VW CADDY Clutch set in original quality

    Clutch kit

  • VW CADDY Shocks in original quality

    Shock absorber

  • Original parts VW CADDY: Caliper

    Brake caliper

  • Original parts VW CADDY: Wheel hub assembly

    Wheel hub

  • Original parts VW CADDY: Wheel bearings

    Wheel bearing

  • Original parts VW CADDY: Oil filter

    Oil filter

  • Original parts VW CADDY: Injector

    Fuel injectors

  • Original parts VW CADDY: Battery

    Car battery

  • Windscreen wipers Volkswagen CADDY online store

    Windshield wipers

  • Side mirror Volkswagen CADDY online store

    Wing mirror

  • Headlight Volkswagen CADDY online store


  • Air filters Volkswagen CADDY online store

    Air filter

  • Suspension arm Volkswagen CADDY online store

    Control arm

  • Half shaft Volkswagen CADDY online store

    Drive shaft

  • Cabin filter CADDY

    Pollen filter

  • Fuel filter CADDY

    Fuel filter

  • Dual mass flywheel CADDY

    Clutch flywheel

  • Suspension springs CADDY

    Coil springs

  • Turbocharger CADDY


  • Exhaust gas recirculation valve CADDY

    EGR valve

  • Trailer hitch CADDY


  • Tail lights CADDY

    Rear lights

  • Sway bar links CADDY

    Anti roll bar links

  • Exhaust muffler CADDY

    Rear silencer

  • Cat converter CADDY

    Catalytic converter

  • Diesel glow plugs CADDY

    Glow plugs

  • Top mount CADDY

    Strut mount

  • Dpf CADDY

    Diesel particulate filter

  • Generator CADDY


  • Alternator belt CADDY

    V-ribbed belt

  • Engine starter CADDY

    Starter motor

  • Bumper CADDY


  • Radiator engine cooling CADDY

    Engine radiator

  • Air conditioner compressor CADDY

    AC compressor

  • Constant velocity joint CADDY

    Cv joint

  • Serpentine belt kit CADDY

    Poly v-belt kit

  • VW CADDY M+S tyres

    VW CADDY winter tyres

  • VW CADDY All season tyres

    VW CADDY all-season tyres

  • VW CADDY Car tyres

    Tyres for VW CADDY

  • Engine oil VW CADDY diesel and petrol

    Engine Oil

Technical data VW CADDY
  • Total number of models produced 14
  • Models currently produced IV Kombi (SAB, SAJ), IV Van (SAA, SAH), Alltrack IV Kombi (SAB), Alltrack IV Van (SAA), V Kombi (SBB, SBJ), V Van (SBA, SBH), V California (SBB, SBJ)
  • First version of the model Caddy I Pickup (14)
  • First version produced in 1982
  • Engine installed on the first version 1.5, 1.6, 1.6 D
  • Total number of engine versions produced 158
  • Engines currently produced ABT e-Caddy, 1.0 TSI, 1.2 TSI, 1.4 TGI CNG, 1.4 TSI, 1.6 TDI, 2.0 TDI, 2.0 TDI 4motion, 1.5 TSi EVO, 1.6 SRE, 2.0 TDi BMT, 2.0 TDI BMT 4motion
  • Model with the most engine versions III Van (2KA, 2KH, 2CA, 2CH), III Estate (2KB, 2KJ, 2CB, 2CJ)
  • Max. power [kW] 125
  • Min. power [kW] 40
  • Max. power [hp] 170
  • Min. power [hp] 55
  • Max. number of cylinders 4
  • Min. number of cylinders -
  • Max. cylinder capacity (cc) 1984
  • Min. cylinder capacity (cc) -
  • Max. engine displacement 2.0
  • Min. engine displacement 0.0
  • Engine displacement 1.0, 1.2, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 2.0
  • Engine type Diesel, Petrol Engine, Electric Motor
  • Type of drive Front-Wheel Drive, All-wheel Drive
  • Car body type Pickup, Box Body/MPV, MPV
  • Names of the model in other countries CADDY
  • Most frequently replaced consumables Brake pads, Brake discs, Oil filter, Air filter, Pollen filter, Windshield wipers, Shock absorber, Fuel filter, Engine oil, Anti roll bar links
VW CADDY auto parts - Buying advice and Reviews

VW CADDY reviews and experiences

Specifically, our customers rated VW CADDY as follows:
  • Build quality
  • Exterior design
  • Ride height
  • Inside view
  • Price
  • Paint coating quality
  • Seating comfort
  • Material quality
Controversy feature
  • Factory installed audio system
  • Rear seats comfort
  • Convenient for travelling
  • Maintenance cost
  • Price

    3 4
  • Build quality

    7 0
  • Exterior design

    9 1
  • Ride height

    7 2
  • Paint coating quality

    0 3
  • Inside view

    11 1
  • Seating comfort

    0 1
  • Ergonomics

    4 0
  • Steering wheel adjustment

    2 0
  • Material quality

    1 4
  • Factory installed audio system

    1 1
  • Dashboard readability

    1 0
  • Luggage capacity

    10 0
  • Rear seats comfort

    2 2
  • Interior transformations

    7 1
  • Climate control system

    1 3
  • Front seats comfort

    12 3
  • Interior space

    19 0
  • Head lights

    4 0
  • Sound insulation

    1 6
  • Suspension performance

    10 4
  • Steering response

    13 0
  • Convenient for travelling

    2 2
  • Cold start

    2 0
  • Fuel economy

    22 3
  • Oil consumption

    0 2
  • Car performance

    17 4
  • Brakes

    9 1
  • Steering feedback

    5 0
  • Gearbox

    4 2
  • Road stability

    6 1
  • Maneuverability

    4 0
  • Maintenance cost

    7 6
  • Extra compartments

    1 0
  • Bodywork quality

    3 3


One of the most famous commercial vehicles made by Volkswagen Group is the Volkswagen Caddy. It rolled off the production line in 1983 and is still produced. Various generations of the car were manufactured in the USA, Spain, the Czech Republic, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as South Africa. The car was considered “Small Van of the Year in Great Britain” in 2007 and the “Small Van of the Year” in 2008 according to British “Professional Van and Light Truck” magazine. The twin-models of the car are Seat Inca and VW Rabbit.

History of Volkswagen Caddy cars

The concern has produced four generations of these cars, having marked them with 14D, 9KV, 9U and 2K indexes respectively, and one restyled version. In the first generation for the European market, Volkswagen Caddy pickup with round headlights was produced, and with rectangular ones – for the American. In the 9KV generation there was an unusual car with panoramic windows and double-leaf rear door, with one leaf 1.5 times smaller than the other.

In the third generation the initially produced pickup was replaced by minivan and van and was later discontinued. The distinctive feature of these models were leaf-springs on the rear axle, thanks to which the cars are notable for high loading capacity.

Features of 2K Volkswagen Caddy

The fourth generation of the model is produced since 2015 in versions of van, 4- and 5-door minivans. Aerodynamics of a new car was improved due to increased inclination of the windscreen pillars. The car looks more aggressive because of sharp lines and chromed body elements. The radiator grille is visually divided into three parts. The front bumper is decorated with stylish fog lights of rectangular shape. Apart from the standard body, 4408 mm long, 1793 mm wide and 1823 mm high, the Maxi variant is available. Having the same width, its height is increased by 3 mm, and length – by 470 mm. Caddy Maxi minivan has three seat rows; up to 7 persons can be seated in its cabin.

The car is offered in 11 configurations. The most affordable one, ConceptLine Starter, includes electric side mirrors with heating, power windows. Amongst safety systems there are hill start assist, automatic emergency braking system (Multi Collision Brake), cruise control, and Front Assist, which recognises road obstacles. Apart from that, VW Caddy is equipped with immobiliser and tyre pressure control sensors.

The more expanded configuration, Edition 35, includes black roof with railings, leather-trimmed steering wheel with adjustment buttons on the spokes and LED interior lighting. Edition 35 car is equipped with two-zone Air Care Climatronic conditioner and hypoallergenic cabin air filter, Discover Media infotainment system with navigation. The driver’s fatigue recognition assistant is installed as well.

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