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Replace a Spare part Receiver Drier (Air Conditioning Dryer) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Receiver Drier (Air Conditioning Dryer)

Dryer receiver is set up on the outlet pipe of the condenser in front of the evaporator. This component is a kind of reservoir for coolant. Its main function is to separate coolant from impurities and water. In addition, it drains the Freon from moisture and separates liquid from gas in the condenser. Its design is a cylindrical metal cup with two holes, which are used for coolant input and output. Sometimes the dryer receiver is made with a viewing window to control the amount of coolant.

So, visually dryer receiver operation looks like the following: liquid Freon passes through the dryer receiver, where compressor products of wear and other dirt are filtered. Next Freon gets inside of the car in order to fulfil its main purpose. Several sensors, one of which is located on the receiver, follow the proper functioning of the cooling system. This sensor ensures the cooling to be compensated. Therefore, when it is not enough, pressure inside the supply line increases and Freon is no longer condensed. The sensor responds to this and starts the fan at full capacity.

One of the potential malfunctions of the receiver is depressurized of the case. You also can not exclude the leakage of the coolant in lines or sensor. In this case it is usually advised to replace the seal or the sensor. In case there is leak from the sight window, you will need to replace the dryer itself. It is obligatory to change this car part when changing the air conditioning compressor because of jamming. So, if you need a new receiver and want to save your money, order this spare car part online. All the parts that are represented in our catalogue, from springs to car boots, are much cheaper than in specialty stores. And in order to verify this, you need only to go to the spare parts catalogue page.

Receiver Drier (Air Conditioning Dryer) for VOLVO V70 III (BW), BMW X5 (E53), LAND ROVER FREELANDER 2 (FA_)

Faults of receiver/dryer
  • corrosion;
  • mechanical damage;
  • clogging and contamination of the receiver;
  • wear of the filter element.
Symptoms of receiver-dryer faults
  • lack of control over airflow temperature;
  • the noise in the air conditioner pipeline.
Causes of receiver-dryer faults
  • depressurization of the system;
  • damage to O-rings and plugs;
  • freezing of hoses in the winter season;
  • absorbent chemical reactions with the compressor products;
  • improper refrigerant refilling procedure;
  • excessive or insufficient cooling agent amount in the system;
  • overheating of the system;
  • compressor failure;
  • use of low-quality refrigerant;
  • clogging of intake pipe.

The receiver-dryer analysis begins with checking the refrigerant level in the system. If it is below normal, the entire pipe is checked for leaks. A special indicator is added to the agent that can be seen under ultraviolet light, so the diagnosis requires a source of light in that range.

The intake hose is checked in case of low the receiver throughput. Its inner diameter is 0.3 mm so ingress of even very small foreign particles could bring the receiver out of order.

Check the part outlet temperature. If it is cold to the touch, it is necessary to clean the receiver from dirt.

The receiver service life is about 5 years. It is directly dependent on the operation conditions of the entire air-conditioning system. Lack of maintenance can reduce it by several times. Diagnosis should be irun at least once a year or every 40 000-50 000 kilometers.

Repair and replacement of the receiver/drier

After 1.5-2 years of service it is necessary to replace the receiver filter element. It's quite simple, but requires special tools to work with Freon.

After removal of the cooling agent it is necessary to disconnect the receiver, remove the cover with the locking ring. If you cannot remove the filter, an incoming hole of the pipeline can be fed with compressed air. Remember that the filter element must be in a sealed package. Its maximum capacity is up to 50 ml of water, a resource that will last for 2 years, provided there is no damage to the pipeline.

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