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Replace a Spare part AC Condenser (Air Con Condenser) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about AC Condenser (Air Con Condenser)

Air conditioner condenser is made of aluminium, because inside it coolant is condensed while heat is produced. Since the condenser must be well aired, it is set in front of the radiator cooling system. At the same time a few extra electric fans blow it. This is necessary for a good cooling of the condenser when the car is stationary. The main causes of the condenser failure are mechanical damage and electrochemical corrosion. As a rule, the first element of the cooling system that is damaged is condenser. This is because of its location. The only component it is protected by is radiator grille.

Such problems occur quite frequently because the condenser is the first element of the condenser system, which is in contact with dust particles, salts and small stones. Moreover, because of their construction condenser tubes often fail. It is necessary to change the air conditioner condenser if it becomes leaky because of corrosion. A lot of foremen say that it is possible to repair this car part. But there are a lot of reasons not to do this. First, even if the place where the depressurization occurred will be successful welded, because of the high pressure there will appear new holes. Secondly, the cost of condenser removal and replacement and coolant system charging is almost the same as the cost of a new car part.

Therefore, when the condenser is faulty it is easier and more economical to buy a new spare part. Of course, the cost of new parts in garages or other automotive stores is much higher in comparison with online shops. So whatever you may need - mirrors, oxygen sensor or dust protection set, the best price you'll find in our online store. Our customers get quality and cheap goods and fast delivery that is very important for any car owner.

AC Condenser (Air Con Condenser) for PEUGEOT 307 SW (3H), OPEL VECTRA C GTS, JEEP CHEROKEE (XJ)

Faults of condenser
  • mechanical damage;
  • pollution and contamination of the condenser surface;
  • refrigerant leakage;
  • metal corrosion.
Symptoms of condenser faults
  • inability to regulate temperature in the cabin;
  • air conditioning is only working while driving;
  • a high humidity level in the cabin - foggy windows;
  • Freon smell in the cabin.
Causes of condenser faults
  • condenser leakage;
  • cooling agent high pressure;
  • use of poor quality refrigerant;
  • damage to the system pipeline;
  • off-road or bad road surface;
  • impact of chemicals;
  • damaged gaskets and seals;
  • insufficient cooling reagent amount in the system.

The condenser is located in the bonnet front part next to the radiator. It consists of thin aluminum tubes of 0.5-1.5 mm thickness, and is therefore quite fragile. Independently you can estimate only connection tightness, mechanical damage and metal corrosion.

If you have a UV light source, you can check the condenser for Freon leak. A special reagent is added to the gas which is visible in this light range.

A more complete condenser check should be carried out only in a garage. The average life of the aluminum condenser is 2-3 years. However, adverse operating conditions can greatly reduce it.

Repair of condenser

You can clean the contaminated condenser with a small brush of medium hardness and low water jet. This procedure must be performed every few weeks in the spring and summer.

A damaged item cannot be repaired. Even in small accidents the condenser is completely destroyed. No condenser repairs can restore the part original state.

Replacing the condenser

Replacing the condenser is only possible at service stations. This is a fairly time-consuming process that requires special tools to work with Freon. The part cost also will not please you, because even the generic parts have an impressive price.

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