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Replace a Spare part AC Evaporator – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about AC Evaporator

Vaporizer, along with such components as compressor, condenser, expansion valve and filter system, is one of the main structural parts of the automotive air conditioner. Compressor is necessary for the most efficiently compress of the refrigerant and to provide circulating around the refrigeration unit. The main function of the air conditioner evaporator is evaporation of refrigerant. In this case the substance transforms from a gaseous into a liquid one. In addition to this function, the evaporator is required to absorb heat from the air that enters from outside. It also provides cooling of the compressor and heats Freon.

Air conditioner evaporator is located in the inner block and is made of aluminium. Despite the fact that it is not so subject to the environmental stress, sometimes it is prone to corrosion because of its material. Other common problems with the evaporator are leakage and objectionable odor in the cabin caused by bacteria, for which the evaporator is a favourable environment due to the constant humidity and dust. Drain hole in the evaporator housing, from which the condensate flows out, also sometimes causes evaporator breakage. When this tube becomes clogged or comes off, condensate enters the salon. But this problem can be easily solved.

It is a difficult task to repair the evaporator. For example, coolant leak is hard-to-reach because of design peculiarities. Evaporator is located under the torpedo. Thus, it is very difficult to dismantle and mount it. However, the failure of the air conditioner evaporator is displayed on the dashboard, since it is controlled by the control unit, which operates several sensors. If you are sure that evaporator has failed, the best way is to order spare part from an online store and then apply for the services of service centre to replace it. Whatever you want to order in our online store – boot lid, fog lamps or ignition module, you will like our reasonable prices and fast delivery.

AC Evaporator for TOYOTA COROLLA (ZZE12_, NDE12_, ZDE12_), VOLVO 940 II (944),

Faults of evaporator
  • pollution and contamination of the evaporator fins;
  • clogging of the drain tube;
  • corrosion;
  • mechanical damage.
Symptoms of evaporator failure
  • high humidity inside the vehicle;
  • intense misting during the vehicle movement;
  • unpleasant odor during AC operation;
  • lack of control over the airflow temperature.
Causes of the evaporator malfunctions
  • excessive or insufficient amount of coolant in the system;
  • grease or moisture ingress into the system;
  • dusting or clogging of the evaporator;
  • faults or damage to the air filter;
  • deformation of the unit pipeline.

External evaporator state is one of the main indicators of the system operability. Mechanism fins should be clean, but may be a little dusty. In addition, you need to check the drain tube. In case of the evaporator correct operation in normal weather conditions, a little less than 1 liter of condensed liquid is exuded per hour.

The the drain system thickness is 1.5-2 mm, so the problem of clogging is always important. Especially thorough check should be carried out if the air filter is damaged.

Besides, the outlet air temperature is measured. It should be in the range of 8-12 °C, which corresponds to the correct refrigerant temperature of 0-5 °C.

One of the main dangers in the evaporator operation is a generation of pathogenic bacteria on the fins. If there is unpleasant odor in the cabin or other signs of faults, there is an urgent need to carry out preventive maintenance, cleaning and chemical treatment of the evaporator and the entire air conditioner system.

Evaporator is designed for a service life of at least 5 years, but a faulty air filter, as well as adverse weather conditions can considerably reduce it.

Repair and replacement of the evaporator

The most common evaporator failure, which can be eliminated with the help of repair is clogged drain tube and evaporator fins. Surfaces and drainage are cleaned with a special reagent. Carry it out only in the absence of mechanical damage. It is necessary to completely disassemble the mechanism. In case of excessive materials ribbing it is necessary to replace the mechanism. Repair work with Freon require special equipment.

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