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LEMFÖRDER Control arm left and right

Control arm rear and front from LEMFÖRDER - original car sparesControl arm LEMFÖRDER left and right
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Reviews of LEMFÖRDER Suspension arm
LEMFÖRDER: Brand's rating


7.71 /10

Reviews - 832

10 (201)
9 (204)
8 (196)
7 (20)
6 (4)
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Parameters rating +2225 Advantages Disadvantages 46-
Product cost +638 5-
Product quality +563 4-
Packaging quality +257 10-
Manufacturer +320 16-
Warranty +447 11-
Customer reviews
25368 01 Control arm LEMFÖRDER review

LEMFÖRDER Control arm 25368 01

It was the part number on Lemforder's web site for my Z$M 2006 so should be the right part and your web site had my car as what it is.
25367 01 Control arm LEMFÖRDER review

LEMFÖRDER Control arm 25367 01

It was the part number on Lemforder's web site for my Z$M 2006 so should be the right part and your web site had my car as what it is.
39840 01 Control arm LEMFÖRDER review

LEMFÖRDER Control arm 39840 01

delivered to uk in very quick time also lemforder is the maker of jaguar OE suspension parts 10/10 +
37664 01 Control arm LEMFÖRDER review

LEMFÖRDER Control arm 37664 01

Price mainly.Support team were excellent in answering my queries.
36173 01 review

Suspension arm LEMFÖRDER 36173 01

I chose this product because of company reputation
36172 01 review

Suspension arm LEMFÖRDER 36172 01

I chose this product because of company reputation
10500 01 review

Suspension arm LEMFÖRDER 10500 01

It is proven to be of excellent quality.
36219 01 review

Suspension arm LEMFÖRDER 36219 01

21749 02 review

LEMFÖRDER 21749 02

Best quality for the price point....
38373 01 review

LEMFÖRDER 38373 01

It's a known oem supplier to merc
39757 01 review

LEMFÖRDER 39757 01

Good price, accurately listed
10523 01 review

LEMFÖRDER 10523 01

Good quality brand that lasts
42571 01 review

LEMFÖRDER 42571 01

soild name of high quality
28138 01 review

LEMFÖRDER 28138 01

Good quality and price
37545 01 review

LEMFÖRDER 37545 01

Very useful site
24602 02 review

LEMFÖRDER 24602 02

brand quality
24603 02 review

LEMFÖRDER 24603 02

brand quality
27027 01 review
27050 01 review
38258 01 review

LEMFÖRDER 38258 01

OE quality
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Learn more about Lemförder suspension arms

Lemförder suspension arms are among the most popular car components on the market. The brand’s history started in 1947 when the company Lemförder Metallwaren AG was founded in Germany. Nowadays it is a part of the concern ZF Friedrichshafen AG. Totally, it possesses more than 120 factories located world-wide. All components of this brand are known for perfect quality and belong to the premium price segment.


Depending on car layout, Lemförder suspension arms may have a different number of fixing points. There are:

  • Two-point. They can be referred to as links.
  • Three-point. They are also known as wishbones or A-arms.
  • Four-point. They can be called H-arms.

By the mounting position with respect to driving direction the arms can be:

  • Trailing (longitudinal). They are mostly used in the rear suspension. They serve for keeping the struts in one position during accelerating and braking. They take up braking, driving and transverse forces.
  • Lateral. They are usually installed as lower arms in two- and multi-link suspensions. Apart from braking, driving and transverse forces they take up also the body weight providing its damping and cushioning.

By production material the components are divided into:

  • Steel. They are cheap in production and servicing because their design allows separate replacement of ball joints and bushes. Lightweight components made of SMiCA sheet metal without any bolts and rivets belong here as well. These are 23% lighter than standard steel ones.
  • Aluminium. They have a higher price and lower weight. They are replaced in assembly. In whole, they have a shorter service life.

4 facts about Lemförder suspension arms

  1. Due to the small weight, they help to reduce the unsprung weight which leads to fuel economy and provides driving comfort.
  2. All components feature increased durability, that is why they will serve long even if your car is used on bad roads.
  3. The accurate design of parts provides immediate wheel reaction to steering input and promotes optimal turnability.
  4. Ball joints with a plastic insert and high-quality lubricant have great damping properties which also increases the comfort of the driver and passengers when using roads with a low-quality surface. — your online-assistance in the world of spare parts

  • We offer a wide assortment of high-quality components. All systems of your car will work long and faultlessly with them.
  • If you have any questions you can contact our specialists via phone or an online-chat. They will quickly give you comprehensive answers.
  • We constantly have promotions and provide discounts for every customer, so you will be able to buy Lemförder suspension arms at the most attractive price.