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Replace a Spare part Air Conditioning Pipe (AC Hose) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Air Conditioning Pipe (AC Hose)

Air conditioning and climate control is a reliable system in the car. If timely serviced, it can last for a long time. But sometimes we are faced with the fact that the air conditioner stops cooling the passenger compartment. This brings discomfort, especially in the summer months. It is important to remember that if you diagnose in time and properly maintain air conditioning, you get rid of unnecessary problems.

Air conditioner can fail because of malfunction of the electrical wiring. It is very difficult to diagnose breakage yourself because of electrical components are the most complex details in the modern car. Only specialists can diagnose electrical wiring failure. It is them who will determine the damage at a professional level and in the shortest time.

If you have a need to purchase the wiring, there is no need to waste valuable time searching for the desired items. We offer to buy it in our online store. So you can save not only time but money. In addition to the wiring, you can also purchase strut bearings, brake drum, control arm and turbocharger.

Air Conditioning Pipe (AC Hose) for FORD FOCUS II (DA_), FIAT STILO (192), OPEL VECTRA B (36_)

Faults of air conditioner hose
  • cracking, burning and drying of the hose due to high temperature;
  • twisting of hoses;
  • mechanical damage, especially grinding;
  • clogging of components;
  • wear of the part;
  • breakage of nozzle;
  • Freon leak;
  • hose rupture;
  • aging and fissuring of rubber gaskets and O-rings.
Symptoms of air conditioner hose faults
  • air conditioner does not respond to the switch on;
  • automatic shutdown of the compressor;
  • space between the air conditioning and engine cooling radiator is dirty;
  • coolant poorly circulates in the cooling system.
Causes of air conditioner hose faults
  • use of low-quality components;
  • high operating pressure in the air conditioning system because of the radiator pollution;
  • temperature drops;
  • exposure to moisture and chemicals;
  • excessive vibration, especially because of the car driving on bumpy roads;
  • improper installation of hoses.

An inspection will allow you to assess the state of the air conditioner hoses. Check parts for Freon leaks. If hoses and tubes have oily deposits, it means the integrity of the parts is broken.

Repair of air conditioner hose

Repair will enable to eliminate the damage to the car air conditioner hoses and to ensure their resistance to refrigerant high pressure. Depending on the location of the fault and the extent of damage to the hose, the following types of repairs exist:

  • O-rings are replaced;
  • air cooling system is washed;
  • torn hose is pressurized;
  • hose integrity is restored by welding.
Replacing the air conditioning hose

At considerable damages of hoses their urgent replacement is needed. Otherwise the compressor may leak. Moreover, if due to violating the integrity the coolant hoses leak refrigerant, it leads to corrosion of the compressor and the expansion valve. For replacement you will need to take the following steps:

  • Remove coolant from the system using special equipment.
  • Disconnect the battery.
  • On both sides loosen the hose mounting bolts.
  • Remove the hose, and then immediately plug the open holes.
  • Install a serviceable part, follow the steps in reverse order.
  • Make sure that the hose does not vibrate when the air conditioner works.
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