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Rear and front strut mount for my car

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Replace a Spare part Strut mount – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Strut mount

Faults of strut bearing

  • wear of inner or outer ring;
  • cracks on the bearing surface;
  • wear of the mounting holes or gaskets;
  • bearing corrosion.

Symptoms of strut bearing failure

  • backlash;
  • hum and rattle in the shock absorber area;
  • complexity in handling the car;
  • increase in body rolling.

Causes of strut bearing faults

  • driving on the low quality road surface;
  • aggressive driving style;
  • temperature drops;
  • installing wider low-profile tires, aerodynamic spoilers and skirts;
  • ignoring the terms and recommendations for the part operating;
  • contamination of the part.

Diagnosis of strut bearing

Diagnosis of the bearings condition is recommended every 20 thousand kilometers. There are several ways to check:

  1. Touch the shock absorber spring and ask your assistant at this point to turn the wheel. When bearings are worn, after these actions you will hear a metallic click and feel the return shock in the palm.
  2. At low speed turn and brake listening carefully. At the item malfunction you will hear background noise, and feel the backlash in the steering wheel.
  3. Driving on a bumpy road, you can hear the gnashing of metal in the strut area. This serves as evidence of the urgent need to replace the bearing.

Replacement of the strut bearing

We remind you that it is necessary to replace the strut bearings every 100 thousand kilometers. You can replace the part on your own. To do this:

  • lift the required side with a jack and remove the wheel;
  • if there is ABS, find wheel speed sensor and remove the wire clamp;
  • remove the brake hose clamp;
  • unscrew the anti-roll bar top pin and the steering knuckle bolts;
  • suspend or support the lower arm;
  • lift the hood and loosen the nut on the strut rod to the upper mounting;
  • unscrew the nuts with a wrench;
  • pull out the strut assembly;
  • at the same time compress the spring on both sides;
  • replace the old bearing.

At the end of the replacement procedure, carry out wheel alignment.

Strut mount replacement - instructions, descriptions and repair

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