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SACHS Shock absorber front and rear

Shock absorber rear from SACHS - original car sparesShock absorber SACHS front and rear
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Reviews of SACHS Shocks
SACHS: Brand's rating


7.71 /10

Reviews - 4178

10 (1176)
9 (1183)
8 (1138)
7 (267)
6 (39)
5 (33)
4 (2)
3 (2)
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Parameters rating +14318 Advantages Disadvantages 792-
Product cost +3960 108-
Product quality +3505 127-
Packaging quality +1830 149-
Manufacturer +2192 233-
Warranty +2831 175-
Customer reviews
310 706 Shock absorber SACHS review

SACHS Shock absorber 310 706

Good quality, and correct all steel construction (some make the covers shields in plastic) good bush's and finish coating and a fine ride quality
312 267 Shock absorber SACHS review

SACHS Shock absorber 312 267

Am familiar with Sachs as a VAG OEM and have used Sachs parts before. Competitive with the OEM Bilstein B4 and likley to give a better ride
313 593 Shock absorber SACHS review

SACHS Shock absorber 313 593

It matches the Honda oem part number and according to fn2 type r forums is exactly the same but far less costly
314 125 Shock absorber SACHS review

SACHS Shock absorber 314 125

It replaces original Sachs parts on car. I do not want "after market" parts.
280 709 review

Shocks SACHS 280 709

My Nephew had experienced great results from this make.
315 526 review

Shocks SACHS 315 526

I chose this product because it is reliable and durable
314 753 review

Shocks SACHS 314 753

searched internet best price for product make sachs
556 277 review

Shocks SACHS 556 277

Reputation for quality, and price competitiveness.
317 351 review

SACHS 317 351

its matches the originals and is a good price
313 756 review

SACHS 313 756

hope its as good as the original or better
280 900 review

SACHS 280 900

Know quality as my front struts are Sachs
311 410 review

SACHS 311 410

OEM part for BMW without the OEM price!
311 346 review

SACHS 311 346

Well known shock absorber Manufacturer
317 528 review

SACHS 317 528

Best Price on internet. Many Thanks.
313 749 review

SACHS 313 749

It's one of the best in the market
316 741 review

SACHS 316 741

reasonable quality and price
317 150 review

SACHS 317 150

Best alternative for price
110 824 review

SACHS 110 824

Preference of this brand
312 638 review

SACHS 312 638

Good price , good items
310 950 review

SACHS 310 950

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Learn more about Sachs shock absorbers

History of Sachs brand started in 1984 when the company founder has patented a bicycle wheel hub designed by him. A year later the company was founded for producing ball bearings, which later started manufacturing vehicle components including Sachs shock absorbers. Even now they are installed on many cars of famous manufacturers as standard because products under this brand feature perfect quality. These car parts belong to the premium segment. They are manufactured in Germany and Argentina.


According to the type of working medium, these parts fall into such categories:

  • Oil. Pistons of these products feature increased wear resistance. Such products are found in Super Touring line. You can buy Sachs shock absorber of this type for the car which is used in urban conditions.
  • Gas charged. Products of this category, offered in Super Touring series, are perfectly suitable for extreme driving at high speeds. Also, gas charged components are found in Advantage product line. Components in this line are equipped with a self-adjustment system and can adapt to road conditions.

The manufacturer offers components of different constructions:

  • Twin-tube. Such products have low inner pressure of the working medium. Due to this, they offer soft damping.
  • Mono-tube. In components of this type the cylinder is filled with a working medium under high pressure. Absence of free space inside of such products allows to avoid oil foaming. Mono-tube shocks offer hard damping, due to which they are effective even at extreme loads. Such components positively influence car handling when driving in off-road conditions.

3 facts about Sachs shock absorbers

  1. More than 10 million of vehicles equipped with shock absorbers of this brand come off the production line annually.
  2. These products make manoeuvring safer and improve suspension response.
  3. Shock absorbers are installed on racing cars participating in international competitions, which means these components are highly reliable. — your online-assistant in the world of spare parts

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