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BILSTEIN Shock absorber

Shock absorber front from BILSTEIN - original car sparesShock absorber BILSTEIN front and rear
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Reviews of BILSTEIN Shocks
BILSTEIN: Brand's rating


7.55 /10

Reviews - 542

10 (96)
9 (84)
8 (86)
7 (2)
6 (1)
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Parameters rating +872 Advantages Disadvantages 10-
Product cost +276 1-
Product quality +240 1-
Packaging quality +74 2-
Manufacturer +107 2-
Warranty +175 4-
Customer reviews
22-212696 review

BILSTEIN 22-212696

good quality recommended brand by BMW
22-111074 review

BILSTEIN 22-111074

It was very reasonably priced as opposed to others advertising the same product online. I read a number of reviews which were very positive, and as a result I was happy to proceed with order
22-053596 review

BILSTEIN 22-053596

Good reputation as oem replacements: not the cheapest but a false economy when paying for labour to use cheap parts, and a good price
19-142265 review

BILSTEIN 19-142265

Damping is superb. Bush eyes are not the right size and they rattle and clonk appallingly AVOID THIS MAKE AT ALL COSTS
22-136589 review

BILSTEIN 22-136589

great item , fits on my car just perfect and the price is wow. definitely the best option .
19-230559 review

BILSTEIN 19-230559

Recommended for use on mk 7 Golf gti to cure annoying rattle/knock on rear suspension
19-119519 review

BILSTEIN 19-119519

Because it a brand I’ve known for many years and associate it with quality
22-221490 review

BILSTEIN 22-221490

Very clear website, easy for even the odd dinosaur to use, good prices
19-139968 review

BILSTEIN 19-139968

I grew up with this brand on my first cars.Good reputation.
19-000725 review

BILSTEIN 19-000725

Very good quality shockers. Excellent value for money.
22-155344 review

BILSTEIN 22-155344

high quality make ,better than standard oe replacement
24-120425 review

BILSTEIN 24-120425

Quality OE fitment, sports shocker, @ a great price.
19-142449 review

BILSTEIN 19-142449

I've always been happy with the quality of bilstein.
22-112880 review

BILSTEIN 22-112880

It was recommended as an ideal OEM replacement
22-001993 review

BILSTEIN 22-001993

Competitively priced , quality shock absorber
20-070915 review

BILSTEIN 20-070915

Bilstein have always hade the best Quality
22-220127 review

BILSTEIN 22-220127

The reputation for quality and reliability
22-220103 review

BILSTEIN 22-220103

The reputation for quality and reliability
19-171593 review

BILSTEIN 19-171593

It is a recognised quality product name.
24-016100 review

BILSTEIN 24-016100

Recommend as a good after market item.
Catalogue of manufacturers BILSTEIN: Shock absorber front and rear Top categories
  • BILSTEIN Strut mount Strut mount
  • Coil springs Coil springs
  • BILSTEIN Shock absorber dust cover & bump stops Shock absorber dust cover & bump stops
  • Suspension kit Suspension kit
  • BILSTEIN Air suspension Air suspension
  • Leaf spring Leaf spring
  • BILSTEIN Steering rack Steering rack
  • Steering stabilizer Steering stabilizer

Bilstein shock absorbers are produced by the eponymous German company with an almost 150 year history. The company was founded in 1873. And in 1954 it designed a revolutionary solution - the world’s first monotube shock absorber. Since then, the firm has become one of the leaders in the field of design and production of dampening systems both for passenger and racing cars.


Most often car owners buy Bilstein shock absorbers of the following series:

  • B2. These are twin-tube hydraulic shock absorbers designed to substitute car’s standard components without modifying the vehicle’s riding characteristics. They are notable for an affordable price. These shocks are perfect for relaxed everyday driving.
  • B8. These are gas-charged shock absorbers, which are perfect for vehicles used in severe conditions. They improve the steerability, stability and dynamics of the car.
  • B8 5125. These gas-charged shock absorbers are designed for off-road use. They are equipped with a special valve that constantly reacts on road surface changing, thus, ensuring a very smooth ride. Moreover, they have a corrosion-resistant zinc coating.
  • B8 5160. They are also designed for off-road conditions. These shocks are equipped with an added remote reservoir, which improves the performance of the components by providing their better cooling.
  • B14. The line is represented by monotube gas-charged components with a thread on their body that allows adjusting the road clearance within about 30–50 mm. They have the brand’s 3-layer coating, which is resistant to abrasion and protects the components from external aggressive factors.
  • Clubsport. They allow to adjust the car suspension in maximum accordance with individual preferences, providing about 100 various adjustment combinations. These shocks are equipped with a two-way adjustment system, which allows to set rebound and compression.

3 facts about Bilstein shock absorbers

  1. All components undergo testing in extreme conditions. For instance, their coating has a proven efficiency after 600 hours spent in a salt fog chamber.
  2. Many Bilstein shock absorbers are supplied with springs and mounts. Such kits help to adjust the vehicle characteristics in the best way possible as the parameters of the parts are selected taking into account their interaction.
  3. Many models of the shock absorbers are compatible with the brand’s adaptive suspension systems such as DampTronic, Ridecontrol, and others. Their stiffness can be adjusted automatically without driver’s intervention in accordance with road conditions, or by pressing the dashboard button. While the iRC system allows to control the suspension with the help of the mobile application. is your reliable online-assistant in the world of car parts

Having decided to buy Bilstein shock absorbers in our online shop, you may be assured that you will definitely find the right parts for your car, get them within the shortest terms, and save money while purchasing them.

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