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Replace a Spare part Indicator Relay (Flasher Unit) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Indicator Relay (Flasher Unit)

Electronic turn indicator relay interrupter is used to wink at a certain flashing rate when you turn on the blinker indicator or when you turn on the fault signalling. Relay interrupter is also necessary to control turn indicator lamp operability. Relay interrupter is installed in the car under the dash panel just behind the fuse block.

The electronic part of the relay can be divided into two functional blocks: square-wave generator and power control of serviceability of lights. Generator starts when you turn the fault signalling or when you turn on turn signals. Relay interrupter is used to obtain intermittent light signal indicators with the frequency of 90 cycles per minute, as in the fault signalling system and in the system of turn indicating. And also to control the integrity of turn indicating lamps.

If the lamps are in order, when you will signal turning, it will turn flashing control lamp with an operating frequency. If the lamps are faulty, for example, because of blowing of the lamp, the relay interrupter doubles the frequency of warning light flashing. If it will be necessary, clean the contacts and replace the relay. If the turn indicator failed, it is simply impossible to continue driving. After all, other car owners need to know will you turn or not, especially at night.

Faulty relay interrupter can not be repaired and you will need to buy a new one. Order relay interrupter in our online shop at a low price and on advantageous terms of delivery. You can also buy turbocharger, fuel tank and mirrors in our online shop.

Indicator Relay (Flasher Unit) for VW POLO Variant (6KV5), HONDA ACCORD V Aerodeck (CE),

Faults of flasher relay
  • deformation of the contact block terminals;
  • wiring wear;
  • blown fuse;
  • nichrome string break;
  • corrosion of the metal body;
  • wear of lugs or bolt holes;
  • stretching of the string.
Symptoms of flasher relay faults
  • absence of specific clicks during the turn signal lights performance;
  • frequent burnout of indicator lamps;
  • lag in turn signals performance;
  • increase/decrease in the lamp blinking frequency;
  • continuous operation of indicator lamps;
  • shutdown of warning light on the instrument panel;
  • increase in current consumption.
Causes of flasher relay faults
  • low quality components;
  • moisture ingress into the device;
  • voltage fluctuations;
  • contamination of parts and components;
  • wear and tear.
Diagnostics of the flasher relay

Finding certain signs of damage to this element of the lighting system, be sure to immediately diagnose it. If in your vehicle the relay is set out the mounting block, then you should simply close the relay contacts with a screwdriver or another metal object. The subsequent operation of the direction lights after such action indicates that the relay has failed. If this element is inside the mounting block, remove the cover and take out the relay and then close the corresponding contacts with a wire.

Replacement of the flasher relay

The flasher relay cannot be repaired. In case of failure, you should carry out replacement of the part. Replacement procedure:

  • 1. First, remove the instrument panel.
  • 2. Then unscrew the nut of the relay.
  • 3. Remove the two wires of the relay studs.
  • 4. The next step is dismantling the relay and disconnecting the fuse box from it.
  • 5. Install the new part and take all the steps above in reverse order.
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