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Replace a Spare part Ac Compressor Clutch – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Ac Compressor Clutch

Air conditioner compressor clutch is made for its starting. At the moment of the system turning on it provides transmission of torsion torque from the pulley to the compressor rod. As power is supplied to the clutch coil, a magnetic field appears, which pushes the plate fixed to the rod to the rotating pulley.

3 tips on air conditioner compressor clutch exploitation

  1. Air conditioner compressor clutch lifetime is not specified. Replace it as soon as defects appear.
  2. Monitor the condition of the compressor bearing and replace it right away if necessary.
  3. When installing a new compressor clutch make sure that the gap between the pulley and the clamping plate correspond to norm. Otherwise risk of friction is high, which can get electromagnetic air conditioner compressor clutch out of order.

Defects of air conditioner compressor clutch, their reasons and signs

  1. Damage of the coil winding. It happens as a result of short circuit caused by insulation overheating or breakage of conduit. As a result the electromagnetic coil stops functioning and the air conditioner doesn’t turn on.
  2. Damage of the clamping plate surface. It is caused by the conditioner radiator soiling, bearing wearing out or compressor jamming. You can visually determine if the plate is out of order: a working component should have no rust, signs of rubber melting, deformation.
  3. Early bearing wear out. It often takes place because of moisture getting into the mechanism and lubricant washing out. The bearing wears out faster than the other elements because it is always in operation. Constant noise from under the bonnet is a signal of the detail breakdown.

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