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Replace a Spare part Freewheel Clutch Alternator (Alternator Pulley) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Freewheel Clutch Alternator (Alternator Pulley)

Alternator clutch pulley is designed for adjusting for rotating torque variations, transmitted from the crankshaft to the alternator shaft. Its sleeves become uncoupled in the moments when the drive shaft slows down, allowing the driven shaft to rotate independently. As the crankshaft speeds up, engagement occurs and the clutch pulley transmits the rotating torque to the alternator shaft. This allows to avoid jerks and belt slipping, thus significantly prolonging its lifetime.

4 tips on alternator clutch pulley operation

  1. Lifetime of overrunning alternator pulley is usually about 100,000 km. It is recommended to replace the component upon reaching this mileage.
  2. If defect signs appear, do not try to repair the component. This part is non-dismountable, so it needs to be replaced.
  3. During installation or replacement of the component, check if protective cap is in place. It is mandatory for the part to work continuously and properly.
  4. During replacement of the alternator clutch pulley, make sure that it is compatible with your car. It is allowed to use only the kind of clutch pulley initially installed by manufacturer.

Defects of alternator clutch pulley, their causes and signs

  1. Jamming. Usually, it occurs due to absence of a protective cap on the alternator clutch pulley. In this case, dirt and moisture will ingress inside, quickening its wear-out. The defect signs will be the following: belt vibration increase, appearance of foreign sounds, clicks, whistle during its operation.
  2. Free movement in both sides. It is a reverse situation, when engagement of inner and outer sleeves becomes impossible due to wear of rollers. As a result, the alternator operation stops.

You can always buy alternator clutch pulley for your car in online-shop. Lengthy warranty for each car spare part is the best confirmation of quality of products presented in our shop.

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