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Replace a Spare part Cam Gear (Timing Gear) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Cam Gear (Timing Gear)

Toothed link meshes another toothed link and thus provides a continuous movement of the latter. The part is a closed system of teeth. Incorrect adjustment of the toothed wheel or deflections of elements which suffer the workload can lead to improper mutual arrangement of gears. To minimize these deflections it is necessary to increase the rigidity of the main transmission that depends on the design of the bearing assemblies, such as bearings used, length of cantilever sections or density of details placement.

Since the main gear shafts carry a relatively large axial load, their structures include the presence of angular contact bearings. To increase the rigidity of the main transmission they are arranged in such a way that the vertexes of the cones, which are formed by the normals to the working surfaces of bearings, to be located outside of the bearing assembly. Because of this location and because of uneven loads on the bearings, you need to use bearings of different size. This can significantly increase the rigidity of the bearing unit and to reduce the toothed wheel deflection due to radial force that arises in the engagement.

Despite the fact that most of the faults associated with toothed wheel should be repaired in the garage, because motorists can not do this, it is not worth to order new parts there. Before replacing tension pulley, throttle valve sensor or evaporator, look through online catalogue of car parts. We ensure you that in our Internet store you will find everything you need for your car at reasonable prices. In addition to wide assortment of goods, we offer low prices, fast delivery and the best client support.

Cam Gear (Timing Gear) for FIAT PUNTO (188), VW TRANSPORTER IV Bus (70XB, 70XC, 7DB, 7DW), BMW 3 (E46)

Faults of the tooth gear
  • breakage of seats;
  • fatigue teeth fracture;
  • statistical break;
  • tilting of the teeth;
  • the destruction of the teeth material;
  • damage to the work surface.
Symptoms of the tooth gear failure
  • emergency vehicle stop;
  • squeezing grease into cavities;
  • uneven load distribution across the crown width;
  • twist angle;
  • increasing the contact pressure.
Causes of the tooth gear faults
  • plastic deformation;
  • wear on the length and thickness;
  • wedging of the wheel shaft;
  • the axis rotation of the gear;
  • progressive chipping;
  • contact stress;
  • damage to the rim and the hub;
  • decarbonization of surface;
  • manufacturing defects;
  • loss of stability;
  • increase in dynamic effects;
  • foreign objects;
  • poor quality of the material;
  • improper heat treatment.

The first stage of the gear diagnosis is inspection of the surface and the teeth. If you see cracks, dents, you need to carry out repair work. You should also examine the seats for damage. To determine the level of deterioration you will need a gear tooth caliper. It is necessary to determine the depth measurement in the drawing, and therein find the size of the tooth. The wear can be determined by comparing the result with the nominal size. Permissible wear is 12%, when exceeding the wear level, you should make restoration.

Repair of the tooth gear

Repair of the gear is a temporary measure. Repair method depends on the nature and severity of damage. The main methods are:

  • 1. Inversion. It is necessary to cut the part of the wheel and weld a ring on the opposite side, setting it so that the unworn side of the teeth participates in switching.
  • 2. Surfacing from a template. You should hold templates together with brackets, attach them to the crown, carry out surfacing with heavy-coated electrodes, remove the templates.
  • 3. Adjustment. It is necessary to move the cutting tool with respect to the pitch circle of the wheel, to cut the teeth.
  • 4. Grinding wheel ends.
  • 5. Fastening teeth by welding or screws.
Replacement of the tooth gear

Average life is 150 thousand km. In case of a significant wear of the teeth the wheel is replaced. It is recommended to replace the gears in pairs. It is necessary to dismantle the casing, filter, belt, remove the pulleys. Then, using a special key unscrew the gear and replace it with a new one. Install parts in reverse order.

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