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crankshaft pulley for my car

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Replace a Spare part Crankshaft pulley – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Crankshaft pulley

Crankshaft pulley serves for transmission of drive torque to engine driven accessories, like alternator, coolant pumps and hydraulic power steering, air-conditioner, and for absorbing vibrations if damping elements are present.

4 tips on crankshaft pulley operation

  1. It is recommended to perform replacement of the crankshaft pulley after 120,000 operational kilometres.
  2. Before installing the pulley, apply molybdenum or grease with similar characteristics on the back side of the component.
  3. Try to avoid off-road driving, as well as traffic jams and other situations which can lead to excessive loads on the engine.
  4. Use only professional tools and new bolts when installing and dismantling the crankshaft belt pulley.

Defects of crankshaft pulley, their causes and signs

  1. Breakdown of the pulley fastening to the crankshaft. In most cases this is a result of unprofessional actions during the component installation. Drive belts of auxiliary units become skewed because of this.
  2. Reduced depth of drive belt grooves. It occurs as a result of overheating, and also is caused by natural wear. The latter will be quickened by increased engine loads. A whistling sound, created by belts during power plant operation may be the sign of groove wear.
  3. Mechanical damages. The crankshaft pulley may deform, cracks and shear may appear on it due to an impact, for example, in a car accident. Such damages are noticeable during visual inspection.
  4. Destruction of damping layer (on damping pulleys). It may be the result of natural ageing of material, or usage of poor-quality rubber during production of the component. Common causes of the rubber layer destruction are temperature variations and sharp increases of the engine rotation speed. Defect signs may be noise and vibrations during engine operation, changing of auxiliary unit belts tensioning. In some cases, it leads to full inability to start a car.

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