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Replace Window regulator for VW in case of defects or service life expiry.

What types of window regulators are installed on Volkswagen cars?

Cable mechanisms are installed on most models of this make. They have a simple design, affordable price, and high maintainability. Scissor-type devices are installed on some cars, the Passat for instance. Their main advantages are durability, reliability and longevity. However such devices need more space for installation and are more expensive.

As for the actuation type, cars of this make have either manual or electric mechanisms. The former are simple and reliable; they were used extensively on older cars but new models have them in the rear doors. The latter work less long but are more convenient to use. But even if your car has manual window regulators as standard, you can retrofit electric regulators. The manufacturer provides the possibility to connect an electric motor to the standard system of arms and cables on many models.

How to prepare for the DIY replacement of window regulators on a car of this make?

First, study the corresponding chapter of the vehicle manual. Make sure you have the necessary skills. It is better to visit a garage if you have no experience in car repair or working with such mechanisms. Prepare a container for bolts. As for the tools, you will need screwdrivers and spanners of suitable types. A pry tool is perfect to undo the fasteners on door trim panels.

What are the causes of window regulator malfunctions on Volkswagen cars?

Cables of the mechanism are sensitive to temperature changes and may crack. Pulleys and gears wear out over time, especially if there’s not enough lubricant between the contacting elements. Accumulated dirt and moisture are also dangerous for these car parts, as the device can get jammed because of them. They also increase the load on the motor causing it to burn out. The water that got inside the mechanism can freeze at low temperatures, making the unit inoperable for some time. Installing a fuse with too high current rating may cause breakdowns of electrical components. Besides, soiling of the window tracks can lead to burning out of relay contacts.

How often should these components be replaced on cars of this make?

They have no specified working lifespan and are replaced as they break. If you notice that the windows go up and down too slow or with jerks, the device doesn’t work from time to time, the windows do not open and close completely, clean the unit and replace defective parts, if necessary.

Can I install window regulators from different manufacturers into doors of Volkswagen cars?

Yes, but take into account that the parts should meet your car’s specifications. You will find products of the best quality in the range of Van Wezel, Diederichs, Metzger, Valeo, Blic, Topran and other companies.

Do the parts for the rear and the front doors differ?

It depends on your car’s design. Often, different mechanisms are installed on the rear and front doors. The former usually have one guide rail, the latter – two.

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