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Window regulator for VW GOLF: useful information
Technical information
  • Parts recommended for simultaneous replacement as part of a service kit
    • Switch, door lock system
    • Fuse Box
    • Switch, window regulator
    • Electric Motor, window regulator
    • Window Crank
List price of Window regulator for VW GOLF
  • Minimum price £ 2,00
  • Maximum price £ 251,00

Can I replace electric/manual window regulators on Volkswagen Golf myself?

Yes, you can. You will handle the installation of window regulators easily if you have some experience in DIY car repair. For this task, you will need to disassemble the door and remove the window. If you have an electric regulator, you will need to disconnect the negative battery terminal. Remember that fasteners should be tightened with a precise torque, therefore, prepare a torque wrench. Check your owners manual for the tightening torque of the fasteners and the specific replacement procedure for your version.

What types of components can be installed on this model?

In early generations, some versions had manual window winders. Nowadays, they usually have electric regulators, activated by buttons. On this model, the buttons are located on the door armrests. As for the window lifting mechanism itself, cable window regulators are installed on this model.

How much time does replacing window regulators on Volkswagen Golf take?

In total, you will need about 1–3 hours to replace the mechanism in one door. It all depends on your skills and condition of the parts to be replaced. For instance, troubles can be caused by jammed or overtightened fasteners, and if the electric motor stopped in a position which hinders access to the fasteners. In some cases, you will need to drill out the bolts.

Can manual window regulators on my car be replaced with electric ones?

Yes, there are a few retrofitting options. For instance, you can install this mechanism as an assembly, completely replacing the standard one. Also, you can connect an electric motor to the manual mechanism – either directly or with a special adapter. This method is cheaper, but be sure to check if the manufacturer allows retrofitting an electric motor on your version.

Which tools will I need for DIY replacement of window regulators on Volkswagen Golf?

Usually, for replacing the mechanism you will only need a screwdriver to undo the fasteners and a pry tool to remove clips.

What are the causes of malfunctions of the window regulating mechanism on this model?

Parts of the mechanism may get jammed because of corrosion and soiling. Dirt stuck in the guides creates resistance to window movement. This makes the motor work under excessive loads and can lead to its burning, burning of the relay contacts, and melting of buttons. Besides, gears and cables wear out over time. The former may start slipping, while the latter may snap, making the unit inoperable.

Can window regulator mechanisms be repaired on this model or replacement is inevitable?

In most cases, the unit can be restored to working condition with the help of a repair kit. Usually, it includes cables, winding spools, spool housing, and other necessary parts.

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