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Replace Gear shifter for VW in case of defects or service life expiry.

How do I know if the gear lever on VW Passat needs to be replaced?

There are several signs indicating a malfunction:

  1. The component has cracked and cannot be used.
  2. Gear shifting requires extra effort.
  3. You hear a cracking sound when using the component.
  4. Free play of the part, which makes it difficult to engage the desired gear.
  5. Unexpected gear disengagement.

If you notice that the part is faulty, replace it as soon as possible. Driving a vehicle with a faulty component can result in a road accident.

What is the purpose of gear lever replacement on VW Passat?

The component is replaced when it is difficult or impossible to select the desired gear. Car enthusiasts also install a new part to improve car handling or for tuning purposes. In particular, a shorter lever allows to select the required gear faster and more accurately.

Can I repair the gear lever to avoid its replacement?

Yes, you can. In many cases, repair implies installing new elements such as fasteners, seals, springs, bushes, and the boot.

The procedure for disassembling the component is specified in the vehicle’s repair manual and depends on the car version. The common steps are the following:

  1. Carefully detach the boot and trim elements.
  2. For the manual gearbox, turn the lever knob several times until the part is detached. For an automatic transmission, release the fasteners.
  3. Remove the part together with its protective boot.
  4. Install a new one and secure it.
  5. Reinstall all the parts in the reverse order.

Are the part replacement steps the same for VW Passat cars equipped with different types of transmission?

No, the parts on cars equipped with manual and automatic transmissions are of different designs. The process of their replacement also depends on the car version. So, removing the part on a car with a manual gearbox is easier than on a car with the automatic transmission. In the second case, you will have to remove buttons, disassemble the transmission tunnel, etc.

Types of these parts affect the installation procedure as well. The components differ in:

  1. Design. The parts for manual gearboxes have no additional elements, while the selectors for automatic transmissions are equipped with buttons.
  2. Material. They can be made of wood, plastics, or metal. The boots are made from faux or natural leather.
  3. Mounting type. There is usually a threaded joint in manual gearboxes and pin-type, spring-type or threaded retainers in automatic ones.

How often should the component be replaced on VW Passat?

The working lifespan of the part depends on the transmission type and driving style. As experience confirms, the gear lever of a manual transmission fails more often. The reason for this is a more frequent use and excessive force that can be applied by an inexperienced driver. The exact lifespan is usually not specified. Repair and replacement are carried out as required.

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