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RENAULT MASTER parts and accessories online catalogue

Renault MASTER car parts catalogue online
Models up to 2000
07/1998 - ...
Car body type: Box
07/1998 - ...
Car body type: Platform/Chassis
03/1998 - ...
Car body type: Bus
07/1980 - 07/1998
Car body type: Box
07/1980 - 07/1998
Car body type: Platform/Chassis
08/1980 - 07/1998
Car body type: Bus
Models from 2000 to 2005
05/2004 - 04/2010
Car body type: Box
06/2005 - 04/2010
Car body type: Platform/Chassis
Models from 2005 to 2010
03/2010 - ...
Car body type: Box
03/2010 - ...
Car body type: Platform/Chassis
Models from 2010 to 2015
03/2011 - ...
Car body type: Bus

Parts catalogue RENAULT MASTER

  • RENAULT MASTER Brake pad set in original quality

    Brake pads

  • RENAULT MASTER Brake rotors in original quality

    Brake discs

  • RENAULT MASTER Clutch set in original quality

    Clutch kit

  • RENAULT MASTER Side mirror in original quality

    Wing mirror

  • RENAULT MASTER Caliper in original quality

    Brake caliper

  • RENAULT MASTER Tail lights in original quality

    Rear lights

  • Original parts RENAULT MASTER: Half shaft

    Drive shaft

  • Original parts RENAULT MASTER: Cam belt kit

    Timing belt kit

  • Original parts RENAULT MASTER: Shocks

    Shock absorber

  • Original parts RENAULT MASTER: Wheel hub assembly

    Wheel hub

  • Original parts RENAULT MASTER: Battery

    Car battery

  • Original parts RENAULT MASTER: Wheel bearings

    Wheel bearing

  • Oil filter Renault MASTER online store

    Oil filter

  • Windscreen wipers Renault MASTER online store

    Windshield wipers

  • Headlight Renault MASTER online store


  • Turbocharger Renault MASTER online store


  • Air filters Renault MASTER online store

    Air filter

  • Dpf Renault MASTER online store

    Diesel particulate filter

  • Generator MASTER


  • Engine starter MASTER

    Starter motor

  • Fuel filter MASTER

    Fuel filter

  • Dual mass flywheel MASTER

    Clutch flywheel

  • Door handle MASTER

    Door handle

  • Door spares MASTER

    Door parts

  • Suspension arm MASTER

    Control arm

  • Timing belt kit with water pump MASTER

    Timing belt and water pump

  • Alternator belt MASTER

    V-ribbed belt

  • Side mirror glass MASTER

    Glass for wing mirror

  • Body side molding MASTER


  • Side marker lights MASTER

    Side indicators

  • Motor mount MASTER

    Engine mount

  • Injector MASTER

    Fuel injectors

  • Radiator engine cooling MASTER

    Engine radiator

  • Ball joint MASTER

    Suspension ball joint

  • Diesel glow plugs MASTER

    Glow plugs

  • Serpentine belt kit MASTER

    Poly v-belt kit

  • Steering pump MASTER

    Power steering pump

  • Bumper MASTER


  • Crank pulley MASTER

    Crankshaft pulley

  • Intercooler MASTER

    Turbo intercooler


    RENAULT MASTER winter tyres

  • RENAULT MASTER All season tyres

    RENAULT MASTER all-season tyres

  • RENAULT MASTER Car tyres

    Tyres for RENAULT MASTER

  • Engine oil RENAULT MASTER diesel and petrol

    Engine Oil

Technical data RENAULT MASTER
  • Total number of models produced 11
  • Models currently produced II Van, II Platform/Chassis, II Minibus, III Van, III Platform/Chassis, III Minibus
  • First version of the model MASTER I Box (T__), MASTER I Platform/Chassis (P__), MASTER I Bus (T__)
  • First version produced in 1980
  • Engine installed on the first version 2.0, 2.4 D, 2.5 D, 28-35 2.0, 28-35 2.1 D, 28-35 2.4 D, 28-35 2.5 D, 30 2.2
  • Total number of engine versions produced 134
  • Engines currently produced 1.9 dCi 80, 1.9 dTI, 2.2 dCI 90, 2.5 dCi, 2.5 dCi 100, 2.5 dCi 120, 3.0 dCi 120, 3.0 dCi 160, 3.0 dCi 140, 2.3 dCi 100 FWD, 2.3 dCi 110 FWD, 2.3 dCi 125 FWD, 2.3 dCi 130 FWD, 2.3 dCi 135 FWD, 2.3 dCi 145 FWD, 2.3 dCi 150 FWD, 2.3 dCi 165 FWD, 2.3 dCi 170 FWD, 2.3 dCi 180 FWD, 2.5 dCi 115 FWD, Z.E.
  • Model with the most engine versions III Van
  • Max. power [kW] 132
  • Min. power [kW] 44
  • Max. power [hp] 179
  • Min. power [hp] 60
  • Max. number of cylinders 4
  • Min. number of cylinders -
  • Max. cylinder capacity (cc) 2953
  • Min. cylinder capacity (cc) -
  • Max. engine displacement 3.0
  • Min. engine displacement 0.0
  • Engine displacement 1.9, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.8, 3.0
  • Engine type Diesel, Petrol Engine, Electric Motor
  • Type of drive Front-Wheel Drive, Rear-Wheel Drive, All-wheel Drive
  • Car body type Van, Platform/Chassis, Bus
  • Names of the model in other countries MASTER
  • Most frequently replaced consumables Brake pads, Brake discs, Oil filter, Air filter, Pollen filter, Windshield wipers, Shock absorber, Fuel filter, Engine oil, Anti roll bar links
  • Popular tyre sizes 215 65 r16, 195 65 r16, 195 70 r15, 225 65 r16, 235 65 r16
RENAULT MASTER auto parts - Buying advice and Reviews

RENAULT MASTER reviews and experiences

Specifically, our customers rated RENAULT MASTER as follows:
  • Build quality
  • Exterior design
  • Inside view
  • Ergonomics
  • Ride height
  • Extra compartments
Controversy feature
  • Price
  • Front seats comfort
  • Sound insulation
  • Maintenance cost
  • Price

    2 2
  • Build quality

    1 0
  • Exterior design

    2 0
  • Ride height

    0 1
  • Inside view

    2 0
  • Ergonomics

    3 1
  • Steering wheel adjustment

    1 0
  • Cruising range

    1 0
  • Climate control system

    2 0
  • Front seats comfort

    2 2
  • Interior space

    2 0
  • Head lights

    2 0
  • Sound insulation

    1 1
  • Suspension performance

    3 2
  • Steering response

    4 0
  • Convenient for travelling

    1 0
  • Cold start

    3 0
  • Fuel economy

    9 0
  • Car performance

    11 2
  • Brakes

    2 0
  • Gearbox

    1 0
  • Road stability

    4 0
  • Maneuverability

    3 1
  • Safety system efficiency

    1 0
  • Maintenance cost

    3 3
  • Services and parts availability

    2 0
  • Extra compartments

    0 1
  • Bodywork quality

    3 0


Light commercial vehicles Renault Master have been manufactured since 1980 till the present time. The assembly of the cars is carried out on the plants in Batilly, France, and in São José dos Pinhais, Brazil. The model was also made under the names Opel Movano, Vauxhall Movano, Nissan Interstar. In 1998, the car was honoured with the Van of the Year Award.

The History of the Renault Master vehicles

There have been introduced three generations and four facelifted versions of the model. The first generation of the vehicles was made with the van, chassis cab and minibus body styles. The vehicles were characterised by the front-wheel-drive and longitudinal engine which was not common for commercial vehicles of that time. A sloped bonnet placed at the same angle as the windscreen and original door handles in round housings were characteristic of their exterior. In 1994, the model underwent a facelift.

In 1997, the manufacturer started to produce the second generation of Master. It included vehicles with transverse engines. On the whole, over a million of these units was sold. In 2003, the model underwent a facelift. The body of the car became sleeker. After the second update which took place in 2006, the manufacturer added two- and four-door vehicles to the previous range as well as the Combi Master.

The third generation of the vehicle debuted in 2010. Unlike vehicles of the second generation, this model was based on the frameless structure called monocoque. The manufacturer offers three options for body height and four options of its length.

Features of the Renault Master vehicles (generation III, facelift)

The premiere of the model of the third generation took place in 2014 at The Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham. The van had the following dimensions: the length is 5,048, the width is 2,070 and the height is 2,290 mm. The manufacturer also makes Renault Master pickups, chassis cabs, camping cars and minibuses.

The interior of the vehicle is incredibly functional. There is a large number of compartments for keeping things in the cabin. Comfortable driving conditions are also provided. In particular, there is a height-adjustable steering wheel fitted with power steering and comfortable driver’s seat. Automatic air conditioning with a fine air filter, the voice-controlled R-LINK multimedia system, the Media Nav Evolution navigation system are available as optional extras.

The capacity of the luggage compartment in the van is 7.8 m³. Besides, you can increase its load carrying capability fitting the roof with roof bars and roof tray racks to transport goods. The rear threshold of the vehicle was specially designed for loading and unloading. The base trim allows to place up to 22 mounting rings on the floor of the luggage compartment. Optionally, the compartment can be trimmed with wood.

The facelifted model of the III generation is fitted with modern active and passive safety systems. Among them, there are the ESP with the Hill Start Assist function, wide-angle rear-view mirror called Wide View. As optional extras, they also offer a rear-view camera and reversing radar, which warns about possible obstacles producing a sound signal.

How to buy parts for Renault Master online

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