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Replace a Spare part Propshaft (PTO Shaft) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Propshaft (PTO Shaft)

One of the most important car parts functions is to transfer torque to the components and aggregates. Everything is very simple in the driveshaft. It is a mechanism connecting two hinges. This helps to change the length of the driveshaft when the suspension is operating. Therefore, the joints are important details of the shaft. In most cases because of them there are problems with the entire mechanism.

Other problem elements of the shaft are slots and crosses. To ensure the proper care of these details it is necessary simply to lubricate them in time - at least once per season. In case when there are problems with the cross, the car starts to vibrate as this element can not bend in all planes. Another problem the car owners face with is unbalance of cardans. As a result, you will feel first increasing, then decreasing vibration.

Pay attention to the fact that cardan balancing should be done each time you decide to carry out any kind of operations with it. As the drive shaft is relatively a simple device, its replacement or repair does not represent a major problem for car owners. Still, if you need a new drive shaft or other spare parts, then immediately contact the Internet store.

Despite the fact that almost all motorists are not technical experts, all spare parts for your car, you can easily buy by yourselves. Online shop offers you not only the lowest price for car parts, but also a fast delivery. Whatever you need to replace – ball joint, thermostat or brake hose, you will find all these in our online store.

Faults of propeller shaft

  • deformation and mechanical damage to the shaft;
  • destruction of suspension support;
  • Backlash of cross assembly;
  • excessive clearance of the propeller shaft split joint;
  • Wedge of constant velocity joint;
  • Worn or damaged split joints;
  • Worn or damaged propeller shaft bearings.

Symptoms of propeller shaft faults

  • oil leak;
  • knocks and rattle at transmission engagement;
  • vehicle vibration while driving;
  • background noise at acceleration;
  • bad gear shifting.

Causes of propeller shaft faults

  • looseness of propeller shaft mountings;
  • exceeding the part service life;
  • incorrect installation of a shaft;
  • poor quality road surface;
  • sporty driving and frequent hard acceleration of the vehicle;
  • lack of or insufficient amount of lubricant in the system;
  • damage to seals;
  • dirt and foreign objects in the system;
  • unbalance of propeller shaft;
  • mismatching of clutches and shaft.


Independently, you can estimate the visual condition of the item. If there is visible damage to components, you need to ask for a more complete diagnosis at a workshop.

Diagnosis of the propeller shaft should be carried out every 40,000 kilometers. First you need to check the universal joint balance and the amount of lubricant. When using a conventional transmission oil you need to replenish its amount every 10 000-15 000 kilometers using a special syringe.

The average life of a propeller shaft is 300,000 kilometers. However, road conditions and driving style can greatly reduce the shaft operating capacity. Without periodic inspection a propeller shaft may fail after 120,000 kilometers.

Repair and replacement of propeller shaft

Without special tools the propeller shaft cannot be repaired or replaced. The most common breakdown is the shaft imbalance. Rebalancing is performed at each shaft scheduled inspection, because an incorrect position of the shaft in the mechanism may result in accelerated wear of related mechanisms.

It is important to observe the laying, because the wrong position of the propeller shaft can lead to its deformation. The optimum position of the propeller shaft gear angles is between 0-20 Co.

Always replace the propeller shaft after serious mechanical damage, or expiration of its operation life. the part must be replaced only at a service station.

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